NSS-CDS BoD meeting 5-16-2015

NSS-CDS BoD meeting 5-16-2015

5:02pm Call to order by Joe Citelli.

BoD Present Joe Citelli, TJ Muller, Cheryl Doran, Forrest Wilson, Jim Wyatt. Absent Joe

Tegg, Nathan Spray.

Members Present, Barbara Dwyer, Michael Angelo Gagliardi, Zelda Gagliardi, Reggie

Ross, Bill Dunn Max K, Colt Smith

Chairman’s report: Lawsuit update, Alachua and Walmart, Properties deed to other notfor-

profit organizations. C-card processing, via cellphone, better record keeping, more

secure, positive check. Saves $2400/ year.

Secretary: Motion by Jim to approve minutes from February as emailed out. 2nd by Joe

C. Approved by all but Nathan.

Vice Chairman’s report: Alachua guides chose Charles Robertson, as new head guide.

He reports all guides are current NSS members and meet all requirements.

Walmart wants to build over Alachua cave. NSS is empowering and funding us to

represent them. Alachua county is suing Alachua city to protect downstream

communities. NSS will fund moving out properties to other corporations. Steve Boyer

built changing rooms at Cow. Considering having a special “day Pass” to Cow for about


TJ motion to make Charles Robertson property manager for Alachua. 2nd Joe C.

Approved by all present.

Workshop had good attendance, and was successful. Jared Hires did a great job.

We should submit a candidate to the NSS BoG.

Treasure’s report: We have about 20K, but also have bills for attorney fees, UWS, and


We have a new awards committee Chairman. We have a new booth for events thanks

to Tony Flaris.

Training Report: A resolution for cooperation with the NACD on instructor QA sharing

was written by Bill Dun.

Motion by Jim Wyatt, Resolution to share QA information for instructors between NACD,

and NSS-CDS. 2nd Joe C. Passed by all present.

Motion by Jim Wyatt to accept standards changes presented by the training committee.

2nd by TJ. Passed by all present.

Motion by TJ Mueller to accept nominations committee recommendations. 2nd by Joe C.

Passed by all present.

Motion by Jim Wyatt: As a board, each member retain their current officer positions.

Passes by all present.

Discussed UWS mailing costa, and going all digital for the UWS. Discussed

international training.

Adjourned at 6:16pm.

Actions between meetings February 2015, and May 2015:

Motion by Forrest to donate door prizes to NFSA workshop.

Seconded by TJ. Passed

Motion by Forrest to have a table at REACT, and donate door prizes.

Seconded by Cheryl. Passed

Motion by Forrest to donate door prizes to NACD.

Seconded by Jim Wyatt. Passed

Motion by Jim Wyatt to grant funds to NFSA for “Stygobitic fauna counts with water

quality survey”. Seconded by Forrest. Passed

Motion to attend Manatee “Spring into Springtime” Passed

Motion by TJ to participate in Eco Day as we have in the past.

Seconded by Jim Wyatt. Passed


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