BOD Meeting Minutes, 5/7/2016

Minutes BoD Meeting 5-7-16

Present: Joe Citelli, TJ Mueller, Cheryl Doran, Al Clements, Joe Tegg, Jim Wyatt.

7:01pm Call to order

Minutes of last meeting approved. Unanimous of the 5 BoD members present at the time.

Actions between Meetings Approval to hire Property Attorney


Discussed membership fees.


Treasurer’s report

Motion to accept financial report by AL Clements, seconded by Joe Citelli. Unanimous.


Training report

Lots of certifications

Possible appeal of Training Committee action


Motion by Joe Citelli, Cheryl Doran seconded to pay Al Clement’s motel at DEMA.

Vice Chair’s report.

Need sponsors for workshop

Motion to donate $600 to NFSA book by Al Clements, seconded by Jim Wyatt


Discussed guided diving at the workshop. Must be led by NSS-CDS qualified guides, with all supporting insurance, etc.

TJ will contact Curt Bowen.

Looking into land purchase to protect Alachua sink.

Everyone should be looking for sponsors.


Chairman’s Report

Rod O’Connor will be webmaster

Webinar on How To use the website.

Properties will each be put into separate not-for-profit companies, with a separate corporation owning them all.

Discussed proposed amendments to Bylaws, and constitution.

Forrest will get a copy of the NSS rules.

Adjourned 8:40pm


Actions between meetings:

May 15, 2016

Motion by Joe Citelli, seconded by Forrest Wilson, Unanimous.

I motion that we permit Shirley to have her wedding at Cow but that we need to get waivers from all persons on the property.  Were someone to slip and fall we could have a huge problem since the properties are still in our name.


April 11, 2016

Cheryl, if 4 or more of us do not object to using the law firm of H. Clyde
Hobby please send him the retainer as requested and the information on the

I believe that Cheryl, Jim, TJ, Joe C. Forrest and Al were on board with

Joe T, I believe you were also on board but I'm not 100% sure of it.


Scholarship Program

Postby Sylvester » Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:38 pm


I am pleased to call for a vote on the NSS-CDS Scholarship program. I have refined the requirements down to the following points.

  1. One man and one woman over age twenty one.
  2. Must have Advanced Open Water and Nitrox.
  3. Must have their own thermal protection and wing-harness set up.
  4. They will get their choice of Basic Cave or Intro To Cave.
  5. If they choose basic they will need to be trimmed out in their doubles.
  6. They must work with the instructor's schedule.
  7. The random drawing will be at the workshop in May, and they must be present to win.
  8. To enter they will download a form on the website and email it to me.

- the form will list the requirements plus they will write a paragraph on why they want to cave dive.

  1. Family members of NSS-CDS board and support staff are disqualified.
  2. The Training Committee is donating the instructors time which is the big cost.
  3. The NSS-CDS will cover the cost of Books and certification cards(once class is completed)
  4. Amigos, Cave Country Dive Shop, and, Dive Outpost have agreed to cover the cost of fills and tank rental.(we don't deserve such good people) Cathy even offered to put them up if she has room.
  5. This is a pilot program.
  6. Entrants will be screened to see if they meet the requirements plus have a genuine interest in cave diving(paragraph), then entered into the random drawing. The only people who would be excluded by the paragraph will be people who are only doing it for their husband(for example), who would have no desire to cave dive normally.
  7. Winners must be active NSS-CDS members and after completion of the class must volunteer their time on one committee for the NSS-CDS(their choice).




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