August 2015 Minutes

NSS‐CDS BoD Meeting Minutes 8‐5‐15

BoD present: Forrest Wilson, TJ Muller, Jim Wyatt Cheryl Doran, Joe Tegg, Joe Citelli.

Members: Present: Alan Hughes, Michael Derrick, Michael Angelo Gagliardi, Renee Powers, Kevin Blackwall, Al Clements

7:20 TJ started with the William Presley Act. An OW diver died in a cave. The act would require divers to have color coded bands on their tanks denoting their certification level. Nobody liked the idea.

Vice Chairman’s Report

Alachua (Mill Creek sink) was donated to the NSS after an accident there. Lowes built on top of the aquifer. Walmart now wants to build on top of the cave. They are getting involved in the process. The NSS‐CDS now has help from the NSS, and Alachua county is suing Alachua city. There is a meeting August 18.

Curt Bowen is the next Workshop chairman. The Workshop will be the weekend before Memorial day weekend in 2016.

New Committee Chairs: Michael Angelo Gagliardi – Conservation, Dr. Thomas Sawicki –Science

Mark Wenner ‐ Midwest Workshop

Secretaries Report

NSS Convention went well, about 16 people attended the Cave Diving Section session. Local rains prevented any diving.

Midwest Workshop planning coming along, most speakers lined up, Eventbrite set up, going live soon.

Motion to approve minutes of the May meeting by Jim Wyatt, seconded by Forrest Wilson. Unanimous by all that attended the May meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

We have $24,900, but between attorney, UWS, insurance, and other bills, there won’t be any left soon.

We discussed Dema. Cheryl Doran mad a motion to attend Dema, if the cost wasn’t over $750. Joe Citelli seconded. Unanimous.

Chairman’s Report

James Smith is working on a program that will streamline C‐card issuing. Joe is working with Tom Johnson to get sub domains to put the system online.

Safety deposit box has been surrendered, and the contents inventoried. The contents will be sent to us.

We need to inventory the merchandise, and files in the storage unit.

New business:

Gold line request from Belize. We don’t have enough goldline in stock, and can’t currently afford to buy more.

Motion was made by Forrest Wilson to move lumber from Cow to Dive Outpost, assuming Cathy is willing. Seconded by Joe Citelli. Unanimous.

Cathedral will stay closed for now, and no repairs will be made to the deck.

Discussed building boardwalk to the steps at Alachua. Not enough funds at this time.

The C‐card printer isn’t being supported anymore, and supplies for it are no longer available. We only have one ribbon left that the printer will accept. A printer is $2000. Jim Wyatt will investigate the problem.

Discussed the issue of someone taking a scooter into Cow Spring.

Jim Wyatt made a motion to add the rules for diving at Cow Springs to the waiver. Seconded by TJ Mueller. Unanimous

Forrest reported a diveshop, with a museum in Kentucky was willing to display Sheck Exley’s dive gear. The shop will make a donation to the NDS‐CDS.

Jim Wyatt made a motion to loan Chris McBeath’s museum Sheck’s divegear until such time that the museum closes. The gear must then be returned to the NSS‐CDS when the museum closes. Unanimous.

Cheryl has asked for copies of the Articles of incorporation, as they don’t seem to be in the safety deposit box.

Went into closed session at 8:?5

Adjourned at 9:47

Will have another closed session at 7:30pm Wednesday, August 12.

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