Minutes 11-17-15 held online.
Call to order 7:00pm
BoD members present Joe Citelli, TJ Muller, Cheryl Doran, Forrest Wilson, Al Clements, Joe Tegg, Jim Wyatt.
Members attending, Rene Powers, Tara Rogers, John Lilistolen, Eric Parks, Adam Huges, Conrad Piefer, Tom McMillian, Michael Angelo Gaglardi, Michael Flynn, Kelly Jessop, Christopher Bossett,
Motion to approve minutes from August, 5, 2015, by Joe Citelli, seconded by Jim Wyatt. Passed by all except Joe Tegg who wasn’t on line yet
Motion to install game camera at Cow springs by Al Clements, seconded by Joe Citelli Unanamous.
Discussed Alachua waivers, TJ said very few dives due to bad visibility.
Al reported 132 waivers for Cow in the last two and a half months.
Al reported two offers to buy Cathedral springs. No names or amounts were to be public. Both said access to diving would be retained. Both put up earnest money.

Motion to sell Cathedral by Al Clements, seconded by Joe Citelli.
Joe Tegg asked if we had consulted an attorney. Joe C. said his attorney said it was OK to sell.
Tom McMillian asked about an auction, Al said it was closed offers only.
TJ asked about a covenant. Joe Tegg asked about conservation and access. Both offers planned to set up not-for-profit companies, as that was important to our membership.
Al C. said the offers are good, Joe C. said for al to handle it.
Votes for: Al Clements, Cheryl Doran, Joe Citelli, TJ Muller, Joe Tegg, Jim Wyatt. Abstentions, Forrest Wilson.
Discussed conservation committee work. Discussed needing a Hobo? Data logger at Cow, Need for a grant.
Al made a motion that the NSS-CDS support efforts of the conservation committee to apply for grants and raise money to all sites. Seconded by Jim Wyatt unanimous.
Tara Rogers offered information from the Water Management District. They need water sampling tube repaired at Alachua. TJ will make sure it gets done.
TJ gave report on Alachua. A committee was formed to protect Mill Creek from damage from building, and pollutant intrusion. They filled a writ, claiming the city of Alachua failed to notify affected property owners of re-zoning. The city has had a water quality report with a map of the cave. They came up with a settlement arrangement. Developers didn’t want to collapse the aquifer. Covenants were made on the property. A buffer zone was established around the cave. A better map is needed to establish buffer zone, and that will be put in the public WMD database.
A Grim Reaper sign is needed at Orange County Blue Springs. Joe Tegg told fate of old sign, and how to replace it.
Jim Wyatt reported on S&P changes. He foresees no major changes coming, just minor corrections.
Cheryl Doran reported we have $37.000 in the bank. We still owe accountant for 2014 taxes. He has been filing extensions. His fee is around $750 a year. We have a $7000 attorney bill. We may need a payment plan for the court trail and possibly a settlement. We need a better income stream. We are trying to cut spending. Cutting back on things like UWS, storage facility, etc. DEMA got us some new sponsors.
Midwest Workshop was a success, and made a little money. Big thanks to Mark Wenner for chairing the event.
Discussed attending DEMA, and Beneath the sea.
Jim Wyatt made a motion for the NSS-CDS to attend DEMA 2016 in Nevada. Seconded by Cheryl. Unanimous.
Cheryl will renew DEMA membership, and also about choosing a booth. Barbara Dwyer will possibly help, as well as Nelly Mikhaiel , and Paul Clark.

Chairman’s Report
Discussing new website through Howard of DuckDiverLLC. Front page will have more “eye appeal”. We will be able to maintain it. It can have video links, member pictures, and possibly banner ads.

TJ Muller asked about a scholarship (dive class) at the next workshop. Jim Wyatt will take care of it.

Joe Citelli made a motion to go ahead with DuckDiver for a new website, up to $3000. AL C. seconded it. Unanimous.

Adjourned to closed session at 9:50

Adjourned at 10:34

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