NSS-CDS Board of Directors and Staff


To email all members of the BOD, use this address: bod@nsscds.org

Staff Members

Program and Committee Members

Awards Chairman Kyle Moschell  Awards_Chairman@nsscds.org
Abe Davis Coordinator Kyle Moschell abedavis@nsscds.org
Accident Analysis Adam Hughes cdsmanager@nsscds.org
Cartography Michael Poucher mpoucher@cavesurvey.com
Cave File Coordinator Michael Poucher mpoucher@cavesurvey.com
Conservation Michael Angelo Gagliardi conservation@nsscds.org
Educational Outreach Cheryl Doran chairman@nsscds.org
Events Open  
Exploration Open  
Landowner Relations Open  
Photography Open  
Property Manager (Cow) Cathy Lesh/Dive Outpost cathy@diveoutpost.com
(386) 776-1449
Property Manager (School Sink) Paul Heinerth/Scuba West paulheinerth@verizon.net
(386) 776-2299
Property Manager (Mill Creek) Charles Roberson jcroberson67@gmail.com
Scientific Investigations Dr. Thomas Sawicki  
Sump Diving Jon Lillestolen sumpdiving@nsscds.org
Technology Committee Sylvester Muller Darthbreather1@gmail.com
Webmaster Rod O'Connor  webmaster@nsscds.org


Contact Information:

295 NW Commons Loop, Suite 115-317
Lake City, FL 32055

Telephone: (561) 704-3038 

Email Address: cdsmanager@nsscds.org

Training questions: TrainingDirector@nsscds.org