NSS-CDS Board of Directors and Staff


To email all members of the BOD, use this address: bod@nsscds.org

Position Director Term Expires Contact Email Phone
Chairman Cheryl Doran May 2019 chairman@nsscds.org (732) 674-6550
Vice Chairman Forrest Wilson May 2020 vicechairman@nsscds.org  
Treasurer Jason Black May 2020 treasurer@nsscds.org  
Secretary Bob Schulte May 2019 secretary@nsscds.org (352)262-2478
Committee Director Al Clements May 2019 committee@nsscds.org (352) 575-8156
Training Director Jon Bernot May 2019 trainingdirector@nsscds.org (386) 454-4444
Property Manager TJ Muller May 2020 property_manager@nsscds.org (813) 748-3180

Staff Members

Position: Staff Member: Contact:
NSS-CDS Manager Adam Hughes cdsmanager@nsscds.org
Underwater Speleology Editor Cheryl Doran chairman@nsscds.org
Webmaster Rod O’Connor webmaster@nsscds.org
Abe Davis Coordinator Brett Floren Awards_Chairman@nsscds.org
Safety Officer Edd Sorenson safetyofficer@nsscds.org

Permanent Committees

The following are Permanent Committees of the NSS-CDS established by the bylaws to remain active each year.

Permanent Committee Committee Coordinator Contact
1. Newsletter Committee Cheryl Doran chairman@nsscds.org
2. Workshop Committee Edd Sorenson safetyofficer@nsscds.org
3. Safety Committee Edd Sorenson safetyofficer@nsscds.org
4. Accident Investigation Committee AJ Gonzalez adamgonzales86@gmail.com
5. Cave Map Files Committee Adam Hughes cdsmanager@nsscds.org
6. Conservation Committee Michael Angelo Gagliardi conservation@nsscds.org
7. Scientific Investigations Committee Tom Sawicki, Ph.D thomas.sawicki@famu.edu
8. Awards Committee Brett Floren Awards_Chairman@nsscds.org
9. Land Owner Relations Committee Charlie Roberson jcroberson67@gmail.com
10. Website Committee Rod O’Connor webmaster@nsscds.org
11. Sump Diving Committee Jon Lillestolen sumpdiving@nsscds.org

Standing Committees

The following standing committees have been approved by the Board of Directors

Standing Committee Committee Coordinator Contact
1. Educational Outreach Committee Jacki Clark jsc13@windstream.net
2. Cave Photography Committee Mark Long long5892@bellsouth.net
3. Equipment and Technology Committee Jef Frank redhatjef@gmail.com
4. Cave Geology Committee Jason Gulley gulley.jason@gmail.com
5. Cave Biology Committee Tom Sawicki, Ph.D thomas.sawicki@famu.edu
6. Social Media Committee TJ Muller irishbuddha@me.com

 Property Managers

Property Manager Contact
Cow Springs Cathy Lesh / Dive Outpost cathy@diveoutpost.com (386) 776-1449
School Sink VACANT
Mill Creek Sink Charlie Roberson jcroberson67@gmail.com


Contact Information:

295 NW Commons Loop, Suite 115-317
Lake City, FL 32055

Telephone: (561) 704-3038 

Email Address: cdsmanager@nsscds.org

Training questions: TrainingDirector@nsscds.org