Safe Cave Diving Award Recipients

The NSS-CDS recognizes individuals by issuing Safety Awards for successfully completing certain milestones. Below you will find the list of award recipients. For more information on the Safety Award program, please visit The Safe Cave Diving Awards page.

This list is sorted in ascending order by dive date (unknown dive dates float to the top of the list).  To search for a particular name, hit "Control + F" on your keyboard and type in the name ("Command + F" for Mac users).  We will add enhanced sort and filtering capability in a future release.

The following individuals are recipients of the Abe Davis award for completion of 100 safe cave dives!

RecipientLocationDive DateDate Awarded
Akira lkehara UnknownUnknown
Aleksander Khalturin Unknown1 May 2007
Andrew Ainslie Unknown19 November 2007
Arthur Heard UnknownUnknown
Aubrey Melton UnknownUnknown
Barry Kerley UnknownUnknown
Batten Reginald UnknownUnknown
Benjamin Stevens UnknownUnknown
Bill Hulet UnknownUnknown
Bill Main UnknownUnknown
Bill Warner UnknownUnknown
Bob Friedman UnknownUnknown
Bob Woolf UnknownUnknown
Bobbi L. McMichael Cow SpringsUnknown22 May 2010
Bonnie S. Stine Unknown23 June 2005
Brantley Carter Peacock SloughUnknownUnknown
Brett Floren Apopka Blue SinkUnknown30 April 2006
Bruce Wyrwitzke Unknown6 August 2007
C Stephen Oborn Unknown24 June 2006
Carl Fowler UnknownUnknown
Carol Vilece UnknownUnknown
Celia Evesque Unknown15 March 2007
Charles Heller UnknownUnknown
Charles Stevens UnknownUnknown
Charles Sturdevant UnknownUnknown
Charles Vallance UnknownUnknown
Charles Williams UnknownUnknown
Chuck Holzer UnknownUnknown
Clay Davis Unknown8 October 2007
Courtland Smith UnknownUnknown
Craig V. Walters Unknown17 January 2008
Curt Schuster Unknown20 January 2008
Dale Malloy UnknownUnknown
Dale Sweet UnknownUnknown
Daniel C Patterson Unknown15 March 2007
Daniel Doty UnknownUnknown
Daniel Lenihan UnknownUnknown
Darden Davis Eagle's NestUnknownUnknown
David Andrews Unknown22 September 2007
David Schott Unknown28 September 2006
David Cameron UnknownUnknown
David Desautels UnknownUnknown
David Engelbrecht UnknownUnknown
David Fisk UnknownUnknown
David Manor UnknownUnknown
Dennis Williams UnknownUnknown
Don Rimbach UnknownUnknown
Dori Churchill UnknownUnknown
Doron Nof Unknown2 February 2008
Doug Clark UnknownUnknown
Douglas Duerloo UnknownUnknown
Ed Dixon UnknownUnknown
Ed Hall UnknownUnknown
Ed Kellar UnknownUnknown
Edward S Pellar Little RiverUnknown21 February 2000
Eric Tasso UnknownUnknown
Ernest Lee Jr Unknown23 March 2008
Ethan K. Brodsky Unknown13 January 2006
Eugene Hallwing UnknownUnknown
Eugeny Runkov Unknown1 May 2007
Forrest Wilson UnknownUnknown
Frank Ohidy Unknown12 January 1999
Frank Fogarty UnknownUnknown
Fred Davis UnknownUnknown
Gary A. Hildman Unknown17 September 2006
Gene Page Unknown9 November 2007
George Benjamin UnknownUnknown
George Brkich UnknownUnknown
George Krasle UnknownUnknown
George Ryschkewitsch UnknownUnknown
Gerry Churchill UnknownUnknown
Gil Milner UnknownUnknown
Glenn Thayer UnknownUnknown
Gordon K Reyher Unknown30 April 1999
Gregory J Kulp Unknown15 March 2007
Hal Watts UnknownUnknown
Henry Nicholson UnknownUnknown
Hilario Hilar UnknownUnknown
Howard Lilly UnknownUnknown
Howard Tower Jr.UnknownUnknown
Hugh Hansard Unknown30 November 2007
Hugh KyleJames Nevins Unknown22 February 2006
India Fuller UnknownUnknown
India Hendley UnknownUnknown
India Young UnknownUnknown
Irwin Strickland UnknownUnknown
J. W. Chalkley IIIUnknownUnknown
J. Friend UnknownUnknown
J. Billy Young UnknownUnknown
Jack Patty Unknown15 March 2007
Jack Banbury UnknownUnknown
Jack Faver UnknownUnknown
Jacqueline L. Gregory Unknown21 March 2007
James K Clark Unknown2 June 2006
James Kitchell Unknown9 February 2008
James Coke IVUnknownUnknown
James Lockwood UnknownUnknown
James Nangle UnknownUnknown
James Joseph Prosser UnknownUnknown
James Storey UnknownUnknown
James Sweeney UnknownUnknown
Jamie Stone UnknownUnknown
Jane H Swing Unknown3 August 2007
Jason Dostal Unknown25 August 2007
Jason Erik Richards UnknownUnknown
Jeffrey Houpt UnknownUnknown
Jennifer Creel Unknown25 November 2007
Jerry Crosby UnknownUnknown
Jim Clark Unknown15 March 2007
Jim Maranville UnknownUnknown
Joe Cocozza Unknown2 November 2007
Joe Dabbs UnknownUnknown
Johan Ivarsson Unknown1 May 2007
John J. Parkes Unknown14 September 2008
John A. Townson Unknown12 September 2007
John J Parker JrUnknown16 December 2007
John L. (Jack) Gregory Unknown19 February 2007
John Naschek Unknown15 January 2008
John R. Forder Unknown18 June 2007
John Harper UnknownUnknown
John Orlowski UnknownUnknown
John Townes UnknownUnknown
John Woodberry UnknownUnknown
Joseph Citelli Unknown1 May 2007
Joseph Youngblood UnknownUnknown
Judy Ormeroid UnknownUnknown
Jurgen Scrinzi Unknown13 October 2005
K. Penske UnknownUnknown
K. Work UnknownUnknown
Kara L Shaffer Unknown15 March 2007
Ken E Edwards IIIUnknown17 September 2007
Kenneth Hillier UnknownUnknown
Kevin Benish Unknown1 May 2007
Kevin R Kirk Unknown8 August 2007
Kim Gissendanner UnknownUnknown
Kirby Sullivan UnknownUnknown
Lamar Hires UnknownUnknown
Larry Briel UnknownUnknown
Larry Collins UnknownUnknown
Lee J McDaniel Unknown15 March 2007
Lee Tighe UnknownUnknown
Leon Morrison UnknownUnknown
Lester Padgett UnknownUnknown
Lewis Henkel UnknownUnknown
Lloyd Bailey UnknownUnknown
M. Celia Evesque Unknown28 May 2005
M. Scott Evesque Unknown10 September 2005
Marc Grondin Unknown25 July 2007
Mark Chesnutt UnknownUnknown
Mark Leonard UnknownUnknown
Marvin Zaske Little River N. FloridaUnknown15 October 2000
Mary Melton UnknownUnknown
Melody Gertz Unknown18 January 2007
Dr. Michael Davis Madison Blue SpringsUnknownUnknown
Michael O'Leary UnknownUnknown
Michael Ziemacki UnknownUnknown
Mike McKay Unknown1 May 2007
Mike W Odell Unknown22 October 2007
Mike McCaskell UnknownUnknown
Dr. Milledge Murphey Unknown1 May 1995
Millege Murphy UnknownUnknown
Oleg Petukov Unknown1 May 2007
Ozzie Parks UnknownUnknown
Paul Deloach UnknownUnknown
Paul Heinerth UnknownUnknown
Paul Meng UnknownUnknown
Pavel Karasek Unknown15 March 2007
Pete Gaddy UnknownUnknown
Peter Butts UnknownUnknown
Peter Rich UnknownUnknown
R Dale Swing Unknown3 August 2007
Ralph Selfridge UnknownUnknown
Richard Lirgirot UnknownUnknown
Richard Williams UnknownUnknown
Rick Wright UnknownUnknown
Rikki Battistini Unknown15 March 2007
Robert Gomez UnknownUnknown
Robert Goodman UnknownUnknown
Robert Millott UnknownUnknown
Robert Rodgers UnknownUnknown
Roderick Dickens UnknownUnknown
Roger Kite UnknownUnknown
Roger Miller UnknownUnknown
Roger Werner UnknownUnknown
Ronald Hendley UnknownUnknown
Sammy Diperna UnknownUnknown
Sandra Poucher Unknown15 March 2007
Scott Evesque Unknown15 March 2007
Scott C Gibson Unknown9 May 2007
Sharee Pepper UnknownUnknown
Sheck Exley Unknown2 August 1967
Stephen Maegeriein UnknownUnknown
Stephen Ormeroid UnknownUnknown
Stephen Poll UnknownUnknown
Steve Forman UnknownUnknown
Steve Hudson UnknownUnknown
Steve Straatsma UnknownUnknown
Sue Friedman UnknownUnknown
Tanja Pierass Unknown12 January 2008
Terrence Anderson Unknown30 August 2007
Terri Sklles UnknownUnknown
Terry More UnknownUnknown
Terry Turner UnknownUnknown
Thomas Young UnknownUnknown
Todd Lovett Unknown14 January 2007
Tom Gilleland UnknownUnknown
Tom Mount UnknownUnknown
Tommie Padaline UnknownUnknown
Troy Young UnknownUnknown
Vaughan Maxwell UnknownUnknown
Virgil Yoder UnknownUnknown
Wally Jenkins UnknownUnknown
Walter E. Pickel, JrUnknown27 August 2007
Wayne Turner Unknown21 April 2007
Wes Skiles UnknownUnknown
William A Bott Unknown1 May 2007
William B. Oigarden Unknown23 June 2005
William Aydlett UnknownUnknown
William Cass UnknownUnknown
William Cate UnknownUnknown
William Fehring UnknownUnknown
William Royal UnknownUnknown
Col. William Shane UnknownUnknown
William Walters UnknownUnknown
William Wingate UnknownUnknown
Wunhild Ryschkewitsch UnknownUnknown
Zdenka Mount UnknownUnknown
Peter Gomez Cheryl13 June 099313 June 1993
William Mayne Bonnet15 November 1952Unknown
Tom Halliwell Eagles Nest8 June 19721 June 1981
Stephen D Maegerlein Fishing Hole Cave9 November 1975Unknown
Kenneth E Fulghum Hole In The Wall, FL5 February 19775 February 1977
Paul Smith Suwannacoochee Spring, FL26 July 197726 July 1977
Barry Warner Devil's Eye21 October 197721 October 1977
Christopher Lampson Devil's Eye25 November 19781 March 1982
Mary Ellen Eckhoff Little Dismal25 February 197925 February 1979
Buddy Sanders Little Dismal21 March 197921 March 1979
David G Whall Madison Cave, VA28 June 198028 June 1980
Peter S Jubb Palm Sink, Hudson, FL6 August 19806 August 1980
Robert Thomas Duncan Peacock Slough27 November 19801 March 1982
Judith A. Bauer Alachua Sink, Fl1 March 198122 March 1981
Karen E Wark Lafayette Blue Springs, FL23 May 198123 May 1981
William Dunn Peacock Springs, Fl24 May 19817 May 1982
Eric Freedman Lost Arrow System, PA1 July 19811 July 1981
Dale J Purchase River Sinks, FL15 July 198115 July 1981
Danny Brass Sand Bag Sink8 November 19818 November 1981
Robert A Power Green Bay Cave, Bermuda21 November 198121 November 1981
Gene Broome Little River1 February 19821 February 1982
Douglas L Chappell Hidden Spring near Vernon, FL24 April 198224 April 1982
Jack A Rensch Blue Springs, Madison, FL18 September 198218 September 1982
Gary Lemme Little River Spring21 October 198221 October 1982
Charles Danny Jones Peacock Spring30 December 198230 December 1982
Jeff Broughton Vortex Springs17 March 198422 May 2010
Lee L Gibson Black Hole, Hudson, FL31 March 198431 March 1984
Gena Chenoweth Mermaid's Lair12 April 198412 April 1984
Henry H Chandler Croaker Hole, St. John's River29 April 198429 April 1984
Dayton Saltsman JrEagle's Nest Sink, Weeki Wachee, FL7 July 19847 July 1984
Charles J Strother Devil's Eye14 July 198414 July 1984
Douglas P MacDonald Madison Blue19 August 198419 August 1984
Jeffrey Bozanic Brenna's Cave, Cozumel, Mx.19 September 198419 September 1984
Dustin M Clesi Die Polder Sink #327 October 198427 October 1984
Gordon L Smith Troy Springs, FL18 November 198418 November 1984
George P. Bortnyk Peacock Springs, Fl24 November 198424 November 1984
Daniel B. Butler Little River28 December 198428 December 1984
Linda Sirota Madison Blue, Madison County30 December 198430 December 1984
Philip Sirota Madison Blue, Madison County30 December 198430 December 1984
Rodger Kitt Edward's Spring30 December 1984Unknown
Mario Mitchell Madison Blue12 March 1985Unknown
Robert D McGuire Madison Blue13 April 1985Unknown
Dorothea M Churchill Die Polder's #36 September 19856 September 1985
R. Gerry Churchill Die Polder's #36 September 19856 September 1985
John Thomas Crea IIIPeacock/Olson Sink20 October 198520 October 1985
James G Coke IV Naharon, QR Mexico17 February 198617 February 1986
Stanley R Hankins JrTelford Spring19 April 198619 April 1986
Walter G. Anderson Peacock to Waterhole 39 May 19869 May 1986
Edwin A Wickes Little River Cave6 June 198629 September 1998
Mary Elizabeth Crea Little River27 June 198627 June 1986
Tim Davidson Bonnet Springs28 June 198628 June 1986
David Porter Roubidoux Springs, MO21 August 198621 August 1986
Bob Gibson Peacock 130 August 198630 August 1986
Gary G Watkins Hole-In-The-Wall, Marianna, FL30 August 198623 September 1986
Buford C Pruitt JrMadison Blue14 September 198614 September 1986
John M. Kibler Jr.Eagle's Nest25 September 198625 September 1986
Randal A Kwiatkowski Section 6 Dickenson Co. Mine2 November 19862 November 1986
David R. Banks Telford, Fl1 January 19871 January 1987
Dennis Holden Telford Spring1 January 19871 January 1987
Johanna de Groot Naharon, QR Mexico8 January 19878 January 1987
Bill Cronin Devil's Ear18 April 198718 April 1987
Keith Kinard Peacock Slough System24 April 198724 April 1987
Alan R. Barefoot Eagles Nest, FL26 April 198726 April 1987
Pat Watson Blue Springs - Madison County26 April 198726 April 1987
Noel L Sloan Nonec Cenote, Yucatan, MX15 May 198715 May 1987
Dan Danciger Little River24 May 198724 May 1987
David Sawatzky MDOttawa River Cave28 June 198728 June 1987
Lawrence Green Little River24 August 198724 August 1987
Jack D Evans Devil's Eye26 August 198726 August 1987
Jeffrey E Haupt Hole in the Wall21 October 198721 October 1987
Ruby C Haupt Hole in the Wall21 October 198721 October 1987
Gary P Stamm Madison Blue28 November 198728 November 1987
Arthur M.L. Hearl Luraville One, Luraville, FL29 November 198729 November 1987
Wayne Weatherford Orange to Peacock Traverse29 December 198729 December 1987
Robert M Justesen SrLittle River23 January 198823 January 1988
Tom Gilliand Pos Di Wajaca, Bahamas26 March 198826 March 1988
Ron Simmons Locust Creek, WV30 April 198830 April 1988
David W Rhea Peacock Springs15 May 198815 May 1988
Marvin E Perdue Madison Blue28 May 198828 May 1988
Laurance Patrick Dickie Najaron-Chalks Room, Akumal, Meexico11 June 198811 June 1988
James B Womack Edwards18 June 198818 June 1988
William W Smith Little River3 July 19883 July 1988
Daniel F. Lins Thunder Hole, Lee, FL>13 August 198813 August 1988
David Engelbrech Little River21 August 198821 August 1988
Dianne L Weatherford Littke River Spring5 September 19885 September 1988
Norman P Sheridan Maya Blue, Qroo, MX7 September 19887 September 1988
John W. Burge Jr.Twin Cave, Jackson County23 September 198823 September 1988
Mark Black Hole in the Wall5 October 19885 October 1988
Vince Ferris Diepolder II, FL9 November 19889 November 1988
Stephen L Pohl Little River10 November 198810 November 1988
John Reekie Devil's Eye27 December 198827 December 1988
Don Loeder Little River Spring16 March 198916 March 1989
Dan Posey Little River15 April 198915 April 1989
Barbara Rayette Smith Little River Springs7 May 19897 May 1989
Richard W Filsinger Jr Eagle's Nest29 May 198930 March 2003
Hilaire Hiler Car Wash, Ackumal, Mexico1 June 198915 June 1989
Harris W Martin Little River12 June 1989Unknown
Mark Hermanding Anderson30 September 198930 September 1989
Robert Messersmith Telford Springs4 October 1989Unknown
Richard J. Liegerot Orange Grove, Peacock14 October 198914 January 1989
Frank Howard Blue Spring, Madison15 November 198915 November 1989
Eugene H Hellwig JrSpring Run, Blue Springs-Holmes Creek, Vernon, FL18 November 198918 November 1989
John Bateman Hole in the Wall25 November 198925 November 1989
Tommie Padalio Balankanche, MX25 November 198925 November 1989
Wendy Grilley Short Orange Grove to Peacock One25 November 198925 November 1989
Curt DeRemer Waterhole to Peacock One30 December 198930 December 1989
Thomas C. Bussell Eagles Nest, Hernando Co.10 February 199010 February 1990
Michael C Heusack Temple of Doom18 March 199018 March 1990
Ron Winiker No Hoch Cenote, Yucatan, MX27 April 199027 April 1990
Steve L Meadows Madison Blue28 April 1990Unknown
Nancy L Pike Orange Grove, Peacock System13 May 199013 May 1990
Tom Petty Olsen Sink, Peacock System20 May 199020 May 1990
Douglas Del Castillo Devil's Eye12 June 199012 June 1990
Kurt A. Terry Devil's Ear5 July 1990Unknown
Teresa Petty Little River26 August 199026 August 1990
Samuel R Ferra Arch Spring, Altoona, PA9 September 19909 September 1990
Lori Beth Conlin Cenote Maya Blue, Q Roo Mexico19 September 199019 October 1990
David R Janes Line-Eater Spring22 September 199022 September 1990
Peter R Schulze Emerald Sink Wakulla County4 October 19904 October 1990
Terry M DeRouin Little River7 October 19907 October 1990
Thomas E McDonnell JrBlue Springs, Madison13 October 1990Unknown
Chris Rouse Madison Blue23 October 199023 October 1990
James Robinson Little River9 November 19909 November 1990
John Patrick Delaney III Ponderosa Cave, Q Roo, Mexico19 November 199019 November 1990
Ralph Walter Eagle's Nest, Tallahassee, FL29 November 199029 November 1990
John Jay Little River Springs17 December 199017 December 1990
Tracy Jay Little River Springs17 December 199017 December 1990
Chris Rouse Sr.Devil's Eye3 January 19913 January 1991
Kenny Broad Darden's Blue Hole, Abaco20 February 199120 February 1991
Wayne Head Devil's Eye8 March 19918 March 1991
Thomas Stephen Brooker Hole in the Wall9 March 19919 March 1991
Mark W Happe` Peacock Springs4 May 19914 May 1991
Quentin Jones Bonnet23 June 199123 June 1991
Michael W Poucher Peacock III13 July 199113 July 1991
Legare Romig Hole IIIPalm Sink23 September 199123 September 1991
Scott Marion Emerald-Cheryl-Split Sinks Circuit29 September 1991Unknown
Edward P Stoner Apoka Blue Sink, Orange County5 October 19915 October 1991
Grace T. Bays Little River, Fl13 October 199113 October 1991
Scott A. Bays Little River, Fl13 October 199113 October 1991
Denise M Stoner Little River, Branford19 October 199119 October 1991
Arthur H Watson Bonnet Spring27 October 199127 October 1991
Bradford J Gagne Devils Ear, Ginnie Spring System31 October 199131 October 1991
Gregory A Montgomery Telford Springs1 December 1991Unknown
Jonathan W. Lesh Peacock Slough15 December 199115 December 1991
Alan C Heck McBride Slough18 January 199218 January 1992
Carl W Fatzinger Devil's Ear26 February 199226 February 1992
Frank Richardson Twin Caves, Merritt's Mill Pond1 March 1992Unknown
Donald N Redinger Myan Blue, Akumal, MX23 March 199223 March 1992
Chris Bonnell Cow Springs26 March 199226 March 1992
Mark Johnston Litter River22 May 199222 May 1992
Allen Henderson Cow Springs24 May 199224 May 1992
Jeff H Carson Apopka Blue22 June 199222 June 1992
Stephen J Gronert Madison Blue7 July 19927 July 2003
Gerald J Murphy Peacock 1, Luraville, FL4 August 19924 August 1992
Reggie H Formby Little River22 August 199222 August 1992
Tom Caughlin Little River22 August 199222 August 1992
Steven B Pittman Roubidoux Springs, MO23 August 199223 August 1992
Mark T. Barstow Madison Blue Springs, Fl30 August 199230 August 1992
William Streever Falmouth, Ssuwannee County5 September 19925 September 1992
Chip Phillips Madison Co. Blue Springs18 September 199218 September 1992
Frank R. Lavallee Jewfish Hole, Aripeka, FL19 September 199219 September 1992
J. Watson Boxley Peacock Springs, Fl27 September 199227 September 1992
Johnny W Richards IIBlue Hole Mystic, Morrdy County, Oklahoma4 October 19924 October 1992
Robert E Hodgin Mine La Motte10 October 199210 October 1992
Neil C McEachin Na Hoch Na Hich17 October 1992Unknown
Marianne Miller Dos Ojos, Akumal, MX18 October 1992Unknown
Ashley Summers Peacock24 October 199224 October 1992
Vinko J. Barusic Phi Phi Lai Island, Thailand31 October 199231 October 1992
Edward E Suarez JrOrange Grove Sink - Lower Level Room11 November 199211 November 1992
Tony Pate Cisteen Lines, Peacock Springs15 November 199215 November 1992
Andy Albury Little River, Fl18 November 199218 November 1992
Jeff Griggs Little River18 November 199218 November 1992
Patrick A Wolfer Manatee State Park, Catfish Hotel20 November 199220 November 1992
Donn Ellerbrock Telford Springs24 November 199224 November 1992
Robert M Smith Telford Springs, FL24 November 199224 November 1992
Robert T Hamilton Car Wash, Ackumal, Mexico4 December 19924 December 1992
Chris Masters Devil's Eye6 December 19926 December 1992
Bob Chadwick Mayan Blue, Akumul, Mexico11 December 199211 December 1992
James Warren Gordon MayaBlue, akumal, MX11 December 199211 December 1992
Paul D Stephens Little River28 December 199228 December 1992
Randal L Douglas Devil's Ear6 January 19936 January 1993
Derrick Lichtenwalter Cow Springs, Maya, FL.12 January 199312 January 1993
Wayne McKinnon Twin Cavwa, Jackson Co., FL17 January 1993Unknown
R D Milhollin Sistema Aerolito, Cozumel, MX20 February 1993Unknown
Mike Lyles Ginnie Springs Devils Ear22 February 19934 March 1993
Delwin Litchfield Apopka Blue7 April 19937 April 1993
Gerald O Waddle Ponderoza, Akulal, MX9 April 19939 April 1993
Bernd Aspacher Eagles Nest, FL3 May 19933 May 1993
Keller B McCall Little River15 May 1993Unknown
Wayne McCall Little River15 May 1993Unknown
Catherine Rhea Devil's Ear, Ginnie Springs8 July 19938 July 1993
William Berkepile Little River4 August 19931 June 2011
Aubrey C (Rick) Wolfe Sac atun, Q Roo, MX24 September 199324 September 1993
Ric Browning Ottawa River, Canada2 October 19932 October 1993
Gary E Flood Peacock III15 October 199315 October 1993
John T Flahive Jr Little River18 November 199318 November 1993
Susan Rouse Jr.Devil's Ear25 November 199325 November 1993
John W Staub Ginnie Springs, High Springs, FL16 December 199316 December 1993
Connie LoRe Coinnie Springs19 December 199319 December 1993
Gary Ashburn Little River, Fl16 January 199416 January 1994
Stacey E Mills Dr.Devil's Ear29 January 1994Unknown
Ivan Cappelli Vacca Ha, Akumal, Mexico4 February 19944 February 1994
James E. Bing Jr.Devil'sEar, FL11 February 199411 February 1994
Geoffrey Kelafont Naharon, Q Roo, Mexico18 February 199418 February 1994
Steven Dittner Devil's Eye Ginnie Springs19 February 199419 February 1994
Murray Bilby Carwash, Akumal, Mex21 February 199421 February 1994
Robert H Pritchett IIIGinnie Springs, Ear8 March 19948 March 1994
John Bernard Burdiss Devil's Eye, Gennie Springs16 March 199416 March 1994
Elizabeth A Somers Devil's Ear, Ginnies Springs, High Springs, FL19 March 199419 March 1994
Norman Farmer Manatee Springs26 March 199426 March 1994
Rudy Strum Ginnie Springs - Devil's Ear29 March 199429 March 1994
Barbara Jo Lewis Naharon, Q.Roo, Mexico30 March 199430 March 1994
Bruce Campbell Devil's Ear3 April 19943 April 1994
Allen Pertner Big Boil, Bahamas7 April 19947 April 1994
John W Moseley Peacock Springs27 April 1994Unknown
Jennifer Andes Brown Devil's Eye, Gennie Springs4 May 19944 May 1994
A. G. Tony Martin Madison Blue7 May 1994Unknown
Glenn H Carver Devil's Ear14 May 199414 May 1994
Harvey V Storck JrMadison Blue3 June 19943 June 1994
Steven J Porter Line Eater, Near Confluence of Suwannee & Withlacoochie Rivers13 June 199413 June 1994
W. David Booth Little River, Fl15 June 199415 June 1994
Robert Wallace Cow Springs7 July 19947 July 1994
Mark Wayne Meadows Devil's Ear27 July 1994Unknown
Frank Doug Chapman Grand Cenote, Tulum, Mexico17 October 199427 February 2002
Daniel R MacNair Ginnie Springs Devil's Eye System6 November 199424 June 1997
Donald B Faust Peacock III20 November 199420 November 1994
Herb Sugden Apopka Blue23 November 199423 November 1994
Glenn Forest Peacock III28 December 199428 December 1994
Michael Stine Ginnie Springs30 December 199420 February 2005
Tom Korte Peacock III30 December 199430 December 1994
Paul T. Logan Hart Springs, Chiefland, FL>31 December 199431 December 1994
Richard Wackerbarth Telford1 January 19951 January 1995
Lawrence M Care Die Polders #3, Brooksville2 January 19952 January 1995
Michael Garman DiePolder 212 January 199512 January 1995
Sherry Garman DiePolder 212 January 199512 January 1995
Richard J Horgan Ginnie Springs20 January 199520 January 1995
Jerry T Henning Cow Springs3 March 19953 March 1995
Jeffrey Lee Johnson Devil's Eye, High Springs28 March 199528 March 1995
Denny Willis Devil's ar, Ginnie Springs7 April 19957 April 1995
J. Scott Landon Cow Springs, Suwanee County, FL.8 April 19958 April 1995
Jesse P. Armantrout Cow Upstream22 April 199522 April 1995
Greta Mullen Peacock Springs 123 April 199523 April 1995
Joe Mullen Peacock Springs 123 April 199523 April 1995
Karolyn S. Booth Telford, Fl4 May 19954 May 1995
Mark K Strong Madison Blue7 May 19957 May 1995
Ed Isarguen Silver Glen (Ocala)28 May 199528 May 1995
Robert J Henn IIISilver Glen28 May 199528 May 1995
Tony Martin Little River28 May 1995Unknown
Simone Roncali Eagle's Nest23 June 199515 February 2006
Ken E Sallot The Courtyard, Madison Blue Springs10 July 19955 February 2017
John A Finkbiner Devil's Eye - Ginnie25 July 199525 July 1995
John R (Bob) Mauney Cow Springs3 September 1995Unknown
Conrad Pfeifer Devil's Eye16 September 199516 September 1995
Steven D Powell Deli's Eye Springs, Past the Henkel17 September 199517 September 1995
Chris H Douglass Devil's Ear - Ginnie Springs23 September 199512 March 1998
Michael E Moshier Devil's Eye25 September 199512 March 1998
Charles F Strasburger Little River Cave5 November 19955 November 1995
Renee LaChapelle Eagles Nest10 November 199510 November 1995
James Gallagher Little River16 November 199516 November 1995
William Barry Burton Little River30 December 199530 December 1995
Robert Hauri Little River2 January 19962 January 1996
Joseph M McGrath Suwannacootchee Traverse5 January 1996Unknown
James Callier Jordan Devil's Eye, Ginnie Springs7 January 19967 January 1996
Liliane Stierle Devil's Ear, Ginnie Springs8 January 19968 January 1996
Jill Rabjohn No Hoch Nah Chich, Q Roo, MX9 January 19969 January 1996
Marc C Dobiecki Jackson Blue, Marianna, FL18 January 199620 August 1998
Evelyn Bartram Dudas Devil's Ear27 January 199627 January 1996
Bruce M Ryan Little River3 February 19963 February 1996
Steven Barefoot Telford, Fl11 February 199611 February 1996
William Pound Manatee Springs, Fl6 April 19966 April 1996
Judy Gallagher Devils Eye/Ear11 April 199611 April 1996
David R Miller Ginie Springs28 April 1996Unknown
Rod Metcalf Ginnie Springs30 April 1996Unknown
Lee Herring Peacock 112 May 199612 May 1996
James L. Albert Ginnie Springs19 May 199619 May 1996
Joseph M Giambalvo Manatee Springs State Park27 May 19961 February 2000
Ben Priest Little River5 June 199625 June 1998
Jimmie J Moore Little River5 June 199624 June 1998
Andreas W Matthes Chac Mol , Mexico29 June 1996Unknown
Ken Gallant Devils Ear5 August 19965 August 1996
Charles T Frees Sac Actun, Tuluum, Mexico20 August 199630 January 1998
James C Womble Ginnie Springs, High Springs, FL1 September 199629 April 1998
Terence C. Koritz Madison Blue, FL.5 October 19965 October 1996
Kenneth R Clayton Half Moon Beach, Strausburg, VA13 October 199613 October 1996
Annette Gebuis Peacock 328 October 199628 October 1996
Russell DeFazio Peacock Springs, Fl12 December 199616 April 1997
John Hrifko Devils Ear31 December 199631 December 1996
Chris Kopecky Devil's Ear8 January 199731 January 1997
Mark Garland Ginnie Springs12 January 199728 December 1997
George David Lacy Ginnie Springs, High Springs FL.19 January 199719 January 1997
Jeffrey Reeves I-Hop Cenote, Akuml, MX6 February 199719 February 1998
Kathleen Riedel Cenote Ponderrosa10 February 19979 May 1997
Paul Riedel Cenote Ponderrosa10 February 19979 May 1997
Scott C Robinson Devil's Eye, Gilcrest Co.17 February 1997Unknown
Patricia A Robinson Devil's Eye, Gilcrest Co.19 February 1997Unknown
John P Jones Little River30 March 199730 March 1997
Raymond LaTulippe Cenote of the Sun, Akumal, Mexico17 April 199717 April 1997
Jeffrey Hewlett Peacock 120 April 199720 April 1997
Ryan M. Balseiro Peacock Springs, Fl29 April 19975 January 1998
Steven Kale Peacock Springs, Luraville29 April 199710 January 1998
Vicki York-Clessi Little River Spring13 June 1997Unknown
Mark McCarty Little River2 July 19977 July 1997
Falk Hoffmann Ginnie Springs7 July 19974 January 1999
Brett W Dodson Cenote Maya Blue, Q Roo Mexico15 July 19976 January 1998
James R Calvin Peacock3 August 19973 August 1997
Scott MacLean Ginnie Springs20 August 199710 January 1998
David Hale Little River12 September 199710 January 1998
J D Selser Cenote Tortuga4 October 199722 December 1997
Edward Gaudeux Peacock Springd State Park15 October 199720 November 1998
Thomas Behrend Centfonts, France5 November 199723 May 1998
Joseph Kaffl Alexanders, PA18 November 199718 November 1998
Angelika Heintzmann Ginnie Springs27 November 199730 January 1998
Matthias Pohl Ginnie Springs28 November 199730 January 1998
Eric More Cannonball, Lake Wappapello, Polar Bluff, Missouri6 December 199727 January 1998
Cynthia S. Blanchard Devil'sEar, FL14 December 199718 August 1998
George A Draffin Peacock Springs, Fl30 December 199710 January 1998
Tamara Thomsen Devil's Eye31 December 19971 January 1998
Jana Smith Calimba, Tulum, MX2 January 199823 January 1999
Jonathan Gol Jackson Blue, Marianna, FL2 January 199813 October 1998
Michael Winter Ginnie Springs11 January 199816 January 1998
Kelly Jessop Jackson Blue, Marianna, FL28 March 199828 March 1998
Kenneth Hill Ginnie Springs14 April 19987 May 1998
Mark Pergrem Madison Blue Spring, FL29 April 199820 June 1998
Raymond K. Blanchard Devil'sEar, FL10 May 199818 August 1998
Wade Beecher Jackson Blue, Fl22 May 19988 December 1998
Jackie Draffin Devil's Eye24 May 199824 May 1998
Donald L Meister Peacock 1, Luraville, FL25 May 19981 June 1998
Chris A Johnson Madison Blue5 June 19987 October 1998
Thomas C Doubleday Little River24 June 19981 February 2000
Paul Corridon Peacock Springs, Fl26 June 199826 June 1998
Thomas Irick Jackson Blue24 July 199811 August 1998
Thomas E Hill Vaca Ha, Tulum, Mx31 July 199820 July 1999
Greg Cole Jackson Blue, Marianna, FL29 August 199819 October 1998
Nancy Cole Jackson Blue, Marianna, FL29 August 199818 October 1998
Nanci LeVake Telford Springs, Luraville, FL.30 August 199815 October 1998
Kyle Creamer Devil's Ear/Ginnie Springs, FL7 September 19989 September 1998
Bill Bowden Peacock Springs, Fl20 September 199831 July 1999
Gregory Martin Schmoll Madison Blue Springs20 September 199829 September 1998
Robert D Smith Cow Spring, FL20 September 199824 September 1998
Paulette Jones Orange Grove27 September 199827 September 1998
Tom Pearcy Devil's Ear2 October 19988 October 1998
Curtis Elizabeth Deyo Devil's Eye/Ear System6 October 199818 October 1999
Jack Leeth Devil's Eye7 October 199822 May 1999
Helen L Metzka Taj Mahal, Akumal, MX12 October 199812 October 1998
John W Morrison IIIRoubidoux Spring18 October 19981 January 2004
Michael J Schulze Dos Ojos15 November 199824 January 2004
Tom O'Connor Maramel Spring21 November 1998Unknown
Grant W Graves Aqua Azul, Brazil22 November 199822 November 1998
John L Hatton Ginnie Springs22 November 199824 November 1998
Robert Spokane Jackson Blue Springs27 November 199825 February 1999
Jennifer Boyd Devil'sEar, FL28 November 199828 November 1998
Donald A. Black Ichetucknee Jug Hole, Fl30 November 199830 November 1998
Harvey Boyd Devil'sEar, FL6 December 19986 December 1998
Martin Robson Foux De La Xis12 December 199818 July 2001
John Richmond Peacock III18 January 199917 May 1999
Richard C Gravatt JrCow Springs13 February 199919 February 1999
Dr Andrew Pitkin Cenote Car Wash, Q Roo, MX15 February 19997 April 2000
Debra Green Little River15 February 199914 April 2000
Linda S Richardson Cow Spring15 February 199924 June 1999
Ed Doucette Devil's Hill 400 Circuit26 February 19991 February 2000
Paul McDavin Devil's Eye28 February 19992 April 1999
Mary Cappelli Madison Blue Springs6 March 19996 March 1999
Kevin L. Jones Devils - Ginnie Springs Florida1 April 19991 June 2011
John Charles Barone Madison Blue Springs, Fl4 April 19994 April 1999
Lee F Emerson Church Sink, Tallahassee, Fl11 May 199914 April 2000
Dixie Cook Peacock Springs, Fl15 May 199912 July 1999
Anthony J Gonzales Devils Ear, Ginnie Spring System1 June 199922 November 1999
Ken Paramore Twin Cave, Marianna, FL4 June 199927 January 2000
Ronald Fraga Sisitema Pondersa, Cenote Pon Deosa9 June 199914 April 2000
Joseph J Koshes Jr.Challenge Sink, Peacock System25 July 199925 July 1999
William E Stape Peacock Springs, Fl30 July 19996 September 1999
Harry E. Katz Jr.Litter River5 September 199920 June 2002
Jacqueline DeWitt Green Sink, Lafayette, Fl6 November 199918 April 2000
Stephen Bogaerts Ponderosa, Q Roo, Mex12 November 19997 April 2001
John Triarchis Devil's Ear - Florida13 November 19991 May 2000
Joseph Chip Beardsley Upstream Cow Springs, Fl20 November 199916 September 2000
Dale Bletso Waterhole III, Peacock Springs, Fl26 November 199918 March 2000
Keith Crabtree Orange Grove26 November 199911 January 2000
Douglas Daniel Peacock Springs, Fl11 December 199915 April 2000
John Heimann Devil's Eye12 December 199912 December 1999
Cynthia Butler Devils Eye20 December 199929 January 2000
Erik C. Baker Devil'sEar, FL15 January 200010 February 2000
Martthew J Garvey Little Salt Spring, Hudson, FL24 February 20008 April 2000
Grady Richardson Jackson Blue19 March 200025 March 2000
Thomas A Jaskulski Devil's Hole, Death Valley National Park15 April 200021 April 2003
David Scott MacDonald Ginnie Springs Devil's Eye System21 April 200025 February 2001
Janet L Stape Peacock Springs, Fl30 April 20001 May 2000
Harold Geick Little River7 May 200024 September 2000
Richard F. Beyer Upstream Cow Springs, Fl2 June 200018 January 2003
Scott Butsch Peacock 315 June 200028 February 2001
Robert A Hyatt Beacon Woods Cave System24 June 20001 July 2000
Robin Fitch Ignaczak Jackson Blue Spring26 June 200025 July 2000
Gareth Sullivan Thunder Hole, Madison County, FL3 July 20005 July 2000
Dona V. Boccio Telford, Fl17 July 200017 July 2000
Karl Shreeves Cenote Camillo, Akumal, MX19 September 200018 February 2001
Cindy Allan Geick Devils Eye/Ear23 September 200024 September 2000
Robert G. Beckner Ginnie Springs9 October 20001 June 2011
Andy Conneen Wayne's World Sink28 October 200031 May 2001
Ted Allred Aktum Chen, Mex.3 November 200017 June 2002
Brian Kibler Aktun Chen, Q. Roo, Mexico4 November 20002 November 2000
Scott Kee Devil's Ear12 November 200022 November 2000
Steven Patrick Dalcher Little River20 November 200011 July 2002
Ronald B Carmichael Peacock Springs, Fl10 December 200011 November 2001
Michael St. German Peacock State Park, FL16 December 200019 June 2002
Russell Edge Orange Grove Sink30 December 200028 February 2001
Ben Ryan Cichowski Little River9 January 200118 May 2001
Jeff McAnally Little River11 March 200120 March 2001
Marike Jasper Teardrop Cave, Majamual, Q Roo, MEX.26 March 20012 May 2001
Dr. Ian N Hamilton JrDevil's Eye30 March 200120 May 2002
Thomas A. Baurle Manatee Springs, Fl8 April 200116 April 2001
Claudia Milz Benjamin 4, Andros, Bahamas9 April 20019 September 2001
Becky Kagan Beacon Woods Cave14 April 200115 May 2001
Keith Meverden Anderson Spring10 May 200111 May 2001
Robert V Williamson Peacock Springs20 May 200124 May 2002
Kevin Patrick Cusack Little River30 May 200111 December 2001
Pamela Ann Ashman Little River, Fl30 May 200111 December 2001
Micki Feakes Cow Springs31 May 200117 April 2002
James Ryan Parkevich PSSP Luraville, FL21 July 200126 May 2012
Chris Elizabeth Danforth Peacock Springs, Fl5 October 200129 September 2003
David S Duguid Little River6 October 200110 November 2001
Joe Booue Peacock Springs, Fl10 November 200112 October 2002
Josh Dolan Little River17 November 200117 November 2001
Daniel J Gault Friedman Sink, Manatee Srpings State Park23 November 20014 February 2002
Susan Reyher Waterhole, Peacock System24 November 200124 November 2001
Phillip Adam Short Wookey Hole, Somerset, UK15 December 20013 March 2017
Thomas H McMillan Ginnie Springs, Devil's Eye System, The White Room29 December 200123 April 2002
Harold R. King Peacock Springs, Luraville26 January 200227 January 2002
Kevin Humble Little River20 February 20024 March 2002
Diego Romo Corzo Cenote S-1 Quebrada System, Q Roo Mexico23 February 200223 February 2002
Joseph D Fortuna Peacock Springs, Fl10 March 200210 March 2002
Lawrence Babock Peacock Springs, Fl10 March 200210 March 2002
Wayne Kinard Peacock Springs, Luraville18 March 200218 March 2002
A Fred Summerlin Orange Grove Sink (Peacock Springs)21 March 200227 February 2002
Jeffrey L Miller Ginnie Springs21 March 20028 May 2002
Ron Bear Jackson Blue, Fl29 March 200211 May 2002
Jamie Rumph Devil's System, Ginnie Springs13 April 20021 January 2003
Richard A Rosenthal Waynes World8 May 20021 January 2004
Kim Bear Ginnie Srings, Devil System, Fl10 May 200210 May 2002
John Robinson Waynes World12 May 200225 May 2002
Debbie Dallas Devil's System, Ginnie Springs23 May 20029 June 2002
Urs Muller Devil's Ear29 May 20021 January 2003
James A Draker Peacock Springs, Fl23 June 200223 June 2002
Jeff Bauer Orange Grove to Peacock Grand Traverse, Fl21 July 200221 July 2002
Larry Deweese Jackson Blue, Marianna, FL15 August 20021 June 2011
Michael B Williams Cenote Naval, Tulum, Q Roo, MX23 August 200222 December 2002
George W McCulley Peacock Springs, Peacock 1 Entrance20 September 20021 January 2004
Scott Elliott Peacock Spring to Waterhole III29 October 200229 October 2002
Greg Klefeker Cow Springs System16 November 200219 January 2003
Hugh P Skidmore Telford Springs, FL17 November 200226 December 2002
Larry Hill Dos Palmas, Akumal, Mx22 November 200228 December 2002
Brian Harris Dos O'Jos9 December 20027 August 2003
Richard Hicks Cyrstal Beach14 December 200231 December 2002
Jeff M. Loflin Jackson Blue30 December 20021 March 2003
Ray Martinez Devil's Cave System to the Hinkel31 December 20021 January 2003
Je Boone 1 January 20031 January 2003
MD Michael 1 January 20031 January 2003
John McMacken Peacock Springs3 January 20039 January 2003
Donald Robert Alfieri Peacock Springs, Fl11 January 200311 January 2003
Keith Allan Gault Jackson Blue1 March 20031 January 2003
Renee Power Ginnie Springs9 March 200310 March 2003
Andy Henderson Cenote Coats-Mundi, Tulum, Mexico25 March 200312 September 2003
David J Shaw X'Tabay (Systema Ponderosa), Riviera Maya, MX25 March 20033 April 2003
Alexandre Dupont de Castro Cenote of the Sun - Downstream1 April 200325 May 2009
Mickey J Jones Manatee Springs - Freidman Sink16 April 200316 April 2003
Michael L Koltz Jr.Peacock Springs State Park16 June 200325 October 2005
Wayne Koszty Peacock III27 June 200310 November 2003
Kathleen Seide Little River23 August 200324 August 2003
Clement Pouliot Friedman Sink1 September 20031 January 2004
Edward Price Cow Sink28 September 200328 September 2003
Ralph J DiPanfilo Peacock 31 October 20031 October 2003
Sidney Ruetz Devil's Ear8 November 200321 August 2004
David Grimm Mamatee20 November 20031 January 2004
William T Williams Manatee20 November 200321 November 2003
David R Penney Peacock Springs21 November 200316 January 2004
Brian Sheridan Little River4 December 200326 May 2012
James Cooney Telford Springs5 December 200317 August 2004
Adam Lanes Kitty Sink6 December 20036 December 2003
Gregory M Wells Ginnie Springs6 December 20032 May 2004
Ken A Metz Cenote Dos Ojos, Akumal, Q Roo, MX29 December 200324 February 2004
Gilbert Topliff 1 January 20041 January 2004
James Toland 1 January 20041 January 2004
Jose Taboas 1 January 20041 January 2004
William L. Baker Lower Orange Grove, Peacock Springs, Fl20 January 200420 January 2004
Gene Powell Peacock III24 January 200424 January 2004
Richard John Wylde Xtabay, Yucatan, MX10 February 20042 April 2004
Brooks Mitchell Manatee Springs17 February 200414 February 2005
Richard Courtney Ginnie Springs17 February 200417 February 2004
Sandra Chapman Lower Orange Grove26 March 200426 March 2004
William J. Ripley Berman room, Ginnie Springs27 March 200426 May 2012
David W. Pratt Ginnie Springs31 March 200422 May 2010
Bithel Keith Price Peacock Springs10 May 200416 May 2005
Bill LeVine Peacock Springs19 May 20049 September 2004
Joseph Tegg Wayne's World23 May 200425 May 2009
William L Huth Devil's System, Ginnie Springs13 June 200417 February 2005
Jerome H Finkel Ginnie Springs24 June 200424 June 2004
James Crawford Madison Ble29 June 200425 April 2005
Gregory F. Albertson Peacock Springs, Fl6 July 20047 March 2005
Daniel V Gouge Dos Ojos, Akumel, MX16 July 200425 April 2005
Daniel Berkepile Peacock10 August 20041 June 2011
Jon Berkepile Peacock10 August 20041 June 2011
Allen S Wooten Jackson Blue Spring, Marianna, FL16 October 20046 November 2004
Maureen E. Lunney Eagle's Nest, Florida, USA9 November 200422 May 2010
Michael J McAuliffe Ginnie Springs, Devil's system12 November 20045 December 2004
Ken Charlesworth Devil's System GSO20 November 200423 May 2009
Alison Forbis Peacock - Orange Grove25 November 200422 May 2010
Miguel A. Bermudez Jackson Blue11 December 200428 May 2011
Bill Rotella Temple of Doom17 December 20041 January 2005
Marc (Slim) Leonard Cow - Going Upstream26 December 20049 January 2006
Thomas Newman 1 January 20051 January 2005
Robert C Perotti Eagles Nest, FL17 January 200521 January 2006
Mal E Maloney Devil's Hole, Death Valley National Park29 January 200529 January 2006
David McLaren Devil's Eye19 March 200519 March 2005
William Andrew Lamborn Ginnie Springs9 April 200522 May 2010
Robert A McGann Ginnie Springs2 May 20054 May 2005
Jamie C Clark Devil's Ear27 May 200527 May 2005
Harry Cardinale Peacock Springs, Florida2 July 200525 May 2009
John J. LaManna Jr.Ginnie Springs, High Springs FL.13 July 200511 August 2005
Mark Redmon Ginnie Springs15 August 200525 May 2009
Micael Malmberg Manate Springs, Catfish Hotel11 September 200529 December 2005
Richard Blackburn Peacock Springs, Fl28 September 200528 September 2005
Patricia Horsch Ginnie Springs - High Springs, FL2 November 200525 May 2009
Guy Wallis Devil's Eye11 November 200512 December 2005
Dale R. Kuhlman Peacock I19 November 200520 November 2005
James R Garey Mud Sink Spring21 November 200527 November 2005
Peter Benjamin Doege Madison Blue Springs27 November 200527 November 2005
Corey Mearns Ginnie Springs1 January 200614 April 2006
William Harrison Roubidoux Spring, Waynesville, MO15 January 200616 January 2006
Bob Landrum Devils System7 March 20069 March 2006
Katrina Koski Peacock I17 March 20061 May 2006
Carl B. Griffing JrCenote Pikal to Chac Mool19 March 200628 May 2011
Lee Schoeppner Madison Blue Springs19 March 20062 April 2006
Daehag Kim School Sink28 March 200629 April 2006
Michael Angelo Gagliardi Peacock III28 May 200625 May 2009
Scott Brinkley Peacock Springs3 July 20063 July 2006
Richard A Hardison Peacock Springs State Park26 August 20064 November 2008
Matthew B. Myers Hole in the Wall, Marianna, FL20 September 200616 January 2009
Melody Gritz Peacock Springs18 January 2007Unknown
Ronald Aiello Little River2 February 2007Unknown
Steve Moysan Devil's Cave System, Florida10 April 200711 March 2009
Marius Clore Devil's Ear - Double Lines6 July 200727 September 2008
Hitoshi Miho Madison Blue Spring9 August 20071 June 2011
Michael Logan Little River23 October 200725 May 2009
Brian Arthur Wright Ginnie Springs29 November 200725 May 2009
Freddy Sjauw En Wa Little River31 December 200711 October 2008
Josh Thornton Rick's Spring, UT1 January 2008Unknown
Thomas T. McCarthy Ginnie Springs (Devil's Eye)2 January 200822 May 2010
Andrew Kowalczk Peacock Springs State Park26 January 200814 September 2008
Mark A. Wilder Ponderosa, Mexico9 March 200822 May 2010
Agnes Milowka Ginnie Springs16 March 200825 May 2009
Tony Toniolo Chac Mool - Quintana Roo18 March 20084 November 2008
Marcie Bilinkski Nohoch Nah Chich21 April 200826 May 2012
Elisha S. Gibson Ginnie Springs12 May 200825 May 2009
Robert A. Neto Jackson Blue12 May 200823 May 2009
Michael R McNally Little River23 May 200825 May 2009
Cristiana Jones Jackson Blue, Florida25 May 20081 June 2011
Shirley S. Kasser Guy James Spring, TN25 May 200823 May 2009
Barbara J. Dwyer Cow Springs Upstream, Luraville, FL10 June 200823 May 2009
Johnathon M. Fulop Eagles Nest1 July 200826 May 2012
Stephen Kimball Ginnie Springs11 July 200825 May 2009
Owen Reynolds Little River21 July 200823 May 2009
Pete Bedford Jackson Blue5 August 200825 May 2009
Todd Polson Jackson Blue Spring11 August 200826 May 2012
Adam Streeter Little River17 October 200825 May 2009
Brian Chatham Jackson Blue Springs - Marianna, FL17 October 200825 May 2009
Shellie Foss Ginnie Springs, Florida22 October 200825 May 2009
Mark F. Ashley Eagle's Nest8 November 200825 May 2009
Mark A. Michaud Hidden (Bone) Cave, Holmes Creek15 November 200825 May 2009
Tony Flaris Jr.Jackson Blue25 November 200823 May 2009
Alvah Bruce MacDougall Peacock Springs29 November 200825 May 2009
Chris K. Whitlock Peacock Springs29 November 200825 May 2009
Lawrence S. Meyer Peacock III7 December 200823 May 2009
J. Philip Craiger PhD.Crystal Beach, FL27 December 200822 May 2010
Lillia Loriz Peacock Springs27 December 200823 May 2009
Michael Thornton Rick's Spring, UT1 January 2009Unknown
Douglas J. Spirelis Peacock III3 January 200925 May 2009
Jim Lesto Peacock Springs23 January 20091 June 2011
James B. Thomas Peacock 1 Peanut Tunnel19 February 200925 May 2009
John Markham Ginnie Springs1 March 200925 May 2009
Larry Hack Jacob's Well, Wimberley, TX1 March 20091 June 2011
Ralph F. Correia Ginnie Springs8 March 200922 May 2010
Cynthia A. Lesinszki Ginnie Springs17 March 200925 May 2009
Dean Allingham Hole-In-The-Wall, Mill Pond22 March 200925 May 2009
Steve Schafer Madison Blue9 April 20091 June 2011
Don Currie Eagle's Nest19 April 200925 May 2009
Gabriele Paparo Capo D'Acqua Cave, Italy1 May 2009Unknown
Jennifer C. Neto Jackson Blue8 May 200923 May 2009
Hubert Chretien Eagle's Nest1 July 200922 May 2010
Raphael Tremblay Cow3 July 200922 May 2010
Howard N. Smith Devil's Ear13 July 200922 May 2010
Peter Friedman Peacock I18 July 200922 May 2010
Mark Gay Jackson Blue25 July 200922 May 2010
James E. McMichael Jr.Cow Springs26 July 200922 May 2010
Joseph J. Fredericks Hardee Springs Cave26 July 200922 May 2010
Michael Pinault Three Island Cave System2 August 20091 June 2011
Troy Tricker Devil's Ear7 August 200922 May 2010
Norman T. Burchfield Ginnie Springs10 September 200922 May 2010
Wendell Nope Devils Spring Cave26 September 200922 May 2010
Michael R. Morgan Devil's Ear, High Springs, Fl15 October 200922 May 2010
Tracy S. Simon Devil's Ear, High Springs, Fl15 October 200922 May 2010
Andrew Dennis Ginnie Springs2 November 200926 May 2012
Helge Weber Devil's Ear5 November 200924 May 2014
John Henry Preston Jr.Jackson Blue7 November 20091 June 2011
John Martin Peacock Springs11 November 200922 May 2010
Kevin Schryver Peacock Springs - The Well27 November 200922 May 2010
Craig Gaffka Little River5 December 200922 May 2010
Neil Martin Paul Benjamin NaHoch Nah Chich, Tulum Mexico16 December 200922 May 2010
Barbara Anne am Ende Devil's Ear/Eye29 December 200922 May 2010
Joseph Karl Haywood Manatee Springs30 December 200926 May 2012
Robert Cree EOL Mainland - Devil's Eye/Ear7 February 201022 May 2010
Trace Malinowski Devil's Ear/Eye Cave System12 February 201025 May 2013
Tony Jordan Manatee Springs State Park18 February 201022 May 2010
Tom W. Atkins Ginnie Spring High Springs, Florida22 February 201022 May 2010
Marc Laukien Dan's Cave, Abaco, Bahamas24 February 201022 May 2010
Sara Hasan Gator Hole, Merritt's Mill Pond24 February 201022 May 2010
John Jaeger Ginnie Springs Devil's Eye16 March 201022 May 2010
Mark E. Goodman Ginnie Springs - Devil's System (Syphon Tunnel)23 March 201022 May 2010
James Garrett Manatee Springs17 April 201025 May 2013
Pamela K. Wooten Ginnie Springs14 May 20101 June 2011
Frederick P. Gray Peacock 129 May 20101 June 2011
Adam McDowell Aerolito de Paraiso4 June 201028 May 2011
Mike Bartlett Cocodrillo Cenote7 June 20101 June 2011
Jonathan Pitt Ginnie, Devil's Ear16 June 20101 June 2011
Kelly M. Oborn Ginnie Springs, Florida19 June 20101 June 2011
L. Allen Beard Devil;s Cave System, High Springs, FL31 July 201028 May 2011
Paul L. Clark Cow Springs - Upstream19 August 20101 June 2011
Adam Smith Cow Springs - Upstream, Florida20 August 20101 June 2011
Brian M. Garby Ginnie Springs22 August 20101 June 2011
Kirill A. Egorov Modrich Cave, Croatia27 August 201016 May 2015
Kermit Erwin Carwash Mexico18 September 20101 June 2011
Roberts Culbert Devils System27 October 20101 June 2011
Richard J. Shea Peacock Springs18 November 20101 June 2011
Chris Smith Tulum, Mexico1 December 201026 May 2012
Brian Ross Pet Cemetary (Blue Abyss) Tulum, Mexico4 December 201026 May 2012
Nicholas Galante Madison Blue Spring State Park4 December 20101 June 2011
Nancy Murray Tulum, Mexico5 December 201026 May 2012
Matthew C. Vinzant Convict Springs Cave30 December 201016 May 2015
David Soskin Eagles Nest11 January 20111 June 2011
Mark Schroder Wes Skiles Peacock Springs Park14 January 20111 June 2011
John A Marut Eagle's Nest15 January 201126 May 2012
Riana Treanor Little River7 February 201128 May 2011
Steven Mann Jackson Blue Spring4 March 201125 May 2013
Shawn Holmes Jackson Blue, Marianna, FL5 March 201128 May 2011
James Wetzel Jackson Blue10 March 201126 May 2012
Alicia Schryver Eagles Nest10 April 201126 May 2012
Charles A. (Sandy) Robinson Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park - Grand Traverse30 April 201128 May 2011
Roy J Reynaud Eagle's Nest15 May 201125 May 2013
Jim Bondurant Peacock Springs25 May 201126 May 2012
Don Six Peacock Springs29 May 201126 May 2012
Larry Vrooman Peacock - P1 to Olsen31 May 201126 May 2012
Marci Edwards Peacock - P1 to Olsen via Bypass4 June 201126 May 2012
Jeff Chance Jacobs Well2 July 201126 May 2012
Brent Cooper Wes Skiles Peacock Springs30 July 201126 May 2012
Jonathan Bernot Ginnie Springs8 September 201126 May 2012
Alicia Lamborn Peacock Springs10 September 201126 May 2012
Michael Clay Ruth Spring25 September 201126 May 2012
Garret Toomey Phantom Lake Springs, West Texas21 October 201126 May 2012
Sheila Allen Jackson Blue29 October 201126 May 2012
Michael David Manatee9 November 201125 May 2013
Larry Anta Peacock11 November 201125 May 2013
Steven Thacker Devil's Eye Cave17 November 201125 May 2013
Dagmar Moeller Little River, Florida27 November 201126 May 2012
Brian E. Hamilton Jackson Blue3 December 201126 May 2012
Gabriel Lamarre Ginnie Springs (Devil's Eye)6 December 201125 May 2013
Marissa Lasso The Devils System9 December 201126 May 2012
Kristine Rae Olmsted Thunder Hole12 December 201126 May 2012
Glenn R. Van Vliet Ginnie Springs - Devil's Ear14 December 201126 May 2012
Brendan O Brien Ginnie Springs31 December 201124 May 2014
Zane L. Marshall Peacock Spring, Luraville, FL13 January 201226 May 2012
Jeffrey E. Hawes Madison Blue Spring15 January 201226 May 2012
Cora David Peacock Springs P118 January 201225 May 2013
Michal Turek Jackson Blue, Marianna3 February 201225 May 2013
Terri Simpson Madison Blue Springs14 February 201226 May 2012
James Little Peacock Springs18 February 201226 May 2012
Bob Bost Eagles Nest28 February 201226 May 2012
Robert Lee Peacock Springs - Waterhole8 March 201225 May 2013
David L. Jones Double Lines Circuit, Devil's Ear/Eye Cave System11 March 201224 May 2014
J. Hunter Sutton M.D.Orange Grove Sink27 March 201226 May 2012
Min Ho Lee Marigondon Cave, Philippines30 March 201225 May 2013
Michael S. LaBarge Little River Sp.18 April 201225 May 2013
Louis Towles The Devil's System29 April 201225 May 2013
Allison Lee Little River, Deep Tunnel8 May 201225 May 2013
Christa Howarth Hart Springs Bell, FL11 May 201226 May 2012
Jim Marshall Roubidoux Springs19 May 201225 May 2013
Peter Lee Buzzacott Devil's Cave System, Florida22 May 201230 January 2017
Scott R. Brooks Sistema Tux Kupaxa, Quintana Roo, Mexico25 May 201225 May 2013
Thomas Feiden Tanque Azul, Cuba5 June 201225 May 2013
Gregory M. Watson Ginnie Springs Devil Cave System23 June 201225 May 2013
Jeffrey Edward Frank Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, FL14 July 201225 May 2013
Jonathan Taylor Ginnie Springs21 July 201224 May 2014
Tara Rodgers Devil's Eye/Ear1 August 201225 May 2013
Michel Therrien Peacock Springs8 August 201225 May 2013
Scott Reese Peacock Springs25 August 201225 May 2013
Sean Bogguess Peacock Springs25 August 201225 May 2013
Scott Barnes Peacock Springs27 August 201224 May 2014
Bruce Parker Culbert 1 September 201225 May 2013
Mark A. Vlahos Ginnie Springs1 September 201225 May 2013
Charles Matthew Fletcher Manatee Springs - Chiefland, FL3 September 201225 May 2013
Sean Costabile Jackson Blue8 September 201225 May 2013
Chris Wickman Madachuck Spring16 September 201225 May 2013
Tim Kennedy Jackson Blue Spring Florida6 October 201225 May 2013
James M. Starr Twin Cave, Marianna, Florida2 November 201225 May 2013
Dan Suke Peacock Springs8 November 201224 May 2014
Rachel Logan Peacock Springs State Park8 November 201225 May 2013
Sylvester J. Muller Ginnie Springs9 December 201225 May 2013
Brandon Cook Devils Cave22 December 201225 May 2013
Xenia Mountrouidou Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park27 December 201225 May 2013
David Scott Sanders Jug Hole - Ichetucknee Springs, FL5 January 201325 May 2013
Tamara L. Storm Ginnie Springs Outdoors16 January 201325 May 2013
Douglas Cain Ginnie Springs with Barry Allen19 January 201325 May 2013
Roger W. Holmes Jr.Little River Cave System26 January 201325 May 2013
Timothy J. Thomas Sr.Jug Hole1 February 201325 May 2013
David Reiterman Jackson Blue Spring14 February 201325 May 2013
Thomas R. Howarth Ph.D.Cow Springs16 February 201325 May 2013
Kristi Draper Jackson Blue, Marianna, Florida2 March 201325 May 2013
Michael Gifford Jackson Blue Springs6 March 201325 May 2013
Richard Jack Dos Palmos, Akumal MX7 March 201316 May 2015
Louis Lefrancois Ginnie Springs, FL12 March 201316 May 2015
Katherine L. Pruden Ginnie Springs30 March 201325 May 2013
Tracy Niesent Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich7 April 201325 May 2013
Kristi Bernot Cenote Phenomeno, MX10 April 201325 May 2013
Simon J. Howard-Tripp Ginnie Springs21 April 201324 May 2014
Blair Mott Ginnie Springs11 May 201324 May 2014
Tom Fothergill Cow Spring22 May 201324 May 2014
Mark T. Dame Jackson Blue19 July 201324 May 2014
Richard Dumm Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park16 August 201324 May 2014
Dan Bartus Ginnie Springs (at the Bats)17 August 201316 May 2015
Peter R. Rowe Temple of Doom (Cenote Esqueleto)11 September 201324 May 2014
Randy Beeson Peacock Springs Peanut Tunnel15 September 201324 May 2014
William G. Brown Cow Springs29 September 201324 May 2014
Michael Baker Hole In The Wall Merritt's Mill Pond30 September 201324 May 2014
Jason L. Costa Ginnie Springs Devils System31 October 201324 May 2014
Rex Williams Hole in the Wall, Marianna, FL23 November 201316 May 2015
Laura Battle The Pit, Sistema Dos Ojos, Mexico26 November 201324 May 2014
Alan Fossum Ginnie Springs (Ear)30 November 201316 May 2015
Alasdair MacLeod Peacock Springs: Orange Grove Sink2 December 201324 May 2014
Peter Lapin Ginnie Springs8 December 201324 May 2014
Gabrielle Proper Grand Cenote, Mexico16 December 201329 March 2017
Kurt Francis Ginnie Springs, FL27 December 201324 May 2014
Johnny Leon Nunley Peacock Springs28 December 201327 August 2018
Oliver Jack Albrecht Jackson Blue16 January 201416 May 2015
David Johnson Jackson Blue Spring24 January 2014Unknown
Harvey Morash Ginnie Springs30 January 201424 May 2014
Steve Jackson Little River, Branford, FL12 February 201416 May 2015
Monika Rosenwald Jackson Blue, Marianna, FL23 February 201424 May 2014
Douglas Bzotte Peacock Springs6 March 201424 May 2014
Matthew Turner Cow Springs13 March 201424 May 2014
Jon Sikorsky Devil's System, Ginnie Springs30 March 201424 May 2014
Craig Hartmann Eagle's Nest22 May 201416 May 2015
Melbourne Briscoe Ginnie Springs24 May 201416 May 2015
Martin K. Meyers Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park6 July 201416 May 2015
Brian Hedden Landenouse, France23 July 201416 May 2015
Jefferson Marchand Ginnie Springs9 August 2014Unknown
Scott Jantz Madison Blue Springs31 August 201416 May 2015
Nick F. Hargreaves Luraville Spring9 September 201416 May 2015
Jon M. Dotterer Hole in the Wall Cave Merritts Mill Pond28 September 201416 May 2015
Laina Samantha Auyeung Jackson Blue22 October 201416 May 2015
Al Clements Peacock 125 October 201416 May 2015
Brian R. Shreve Little River7 November 201416 May 2015
John McCain Ginnie Springs9 November 201416 May 2015
David R Green Ponderosa near Playa Del Carmen, MX20 November 201412 July 2018
William Jakab Cenote Abejas, Quintana Roo, Mexico2 December 201416 May 2015
Adam Thomas Hughes Little River Springs7 December 201416 May 2015
Eric Myers Caracol7 December 201416 May 2015
Carol Sugars Cow Spring27 December 201416 May 2015
Curt A. Szuberla Peacock I (Wes Skiles SP)28 December 201416 May 2015
Allen Anderson Smith Peacock Spring30 December 201416 May 2015
Kerry Chambers Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park, FL30 December 201416 May 2015
Jon Lillestolen Hellhole, Southern Sump, Pendleton County, WV3 January 201516 May 2015
Chris M. Ball Ginne Springs, High Springs, FL20 January 201516 May 2015
Gary Donahue Jug Hole, ichetucknee Springs State Park23 January 201516 May 2015
Joseph Sachs Ginnie Springs5 February 2015Unknown
Frank Kraatz Cenote Calavera, Mexico21 February 201525 September 2015
Ben Paterson Englebrecht Cave (West)8 March 201526 June 2018
Lisa J. Norelli Cow Springs16 April 201516 May 2015
Ivan Martin Karmel Wes Skiles State Park10 May 2015Unknown
Stu Weg Maddachalk Spring7 June 2015Unknown
Matthew Coultas Cow Spring27 July 2015Unknown
Julianne Ralph Uku Cuzam26 August 2015Unknown
Catherine Harrold Akumal Mexico29 August 2015Unknown
Heath Hill Dos Pisos, Mexico1 September 201530 January 2017
Gemma Smith St George, France1 September 201531 March 2017
Michelle Penkrot Indian Springs6 September 2015Unknown
Gayle Orner Boiling Spring on the Big Piney2 October 2015Unknown
Christopher Garguilo Larkinsville10 October 2015Unknown
Mykola (Nick) Andrianov Ginnie Springs1 November 2015Unknown
Eric S Hall Cenote Nariz23 November 2015Unknown
Jeffrey Rose Little River23 November 2015Unknown
Daniel Vickers Ginnie Springs3 December 2015Unknown
Michael Lynch Ginnie Springs14 December 2015Unknown
Sean McCarthy Ginnie Springs16 December 2015Unknown
Dene Ulmschneider Jackson Blue Spring31 December 2015Unknown
James Baldwin Ginnie Springs1 January 2016Unknown
Roger Williams Ginnie Springs1 January 2016Unknown
Luke M Alcorn El Toro Cave, Dominican Republic6 February 2016Unknown
David Sheard Ginnie Springs17 February 201629 March 2017
Kelly Rodgers Ginnie Springs26 March 201629 March 2017
Leah Potts Ginnie Springs9 April 2016Unknown
Kyle Moschell Devil's Eye11 April 2016Unknown
Marissa Marcoux Esperanza Mine23 April 2016Unknown
Caroline O. Yachan Cenote Nahoch Nah Chich, Tulum, MX30 April 201630 January 2017
Steve Smith Ginnie Springs6 May 20169 June 2018
Caorl Hill Peacock Spring, Luraville, FL20 July 201630 January 2017
Joshua Shouse Roubidoux Cave, Waynesville, MO16 September 20169 February 2017
Richard Dinon Devil's Ear, High Springs, Fl5 November 201624 January 2017
Richard L Black Devil's Ear10 November 20169 February 2017
Lee Newman Aktun Ha (Carwash), Quintana Roo25 November 20169 February 2017
Charles Minter Peacock Springs State Park26 November 201630 January 2017
William Winford Brown Manatee Springs State Park5 December 201629 January 2017
Christopher Hartmann Devil's Cave System, Florida11 December 201630 January 2017
Patrick Picard Peacock Springs State Park23 December 201624 January 2017
Angie Stringer Peacock Spring, Luraville, FL15 January 201729 January 2017
David J. Hall Peacock Spring, Luraville, FL15 January 201730 January 2017
Zebulon C. Lilly Devil's Cave System, Florida16 January 201730 January 2017
Stuart Orr Cow Springs, FL20 January 201730 January 2017
Sandra J Koster Devil's Ear8 February 20179 February 2017
Jennifer Cheatham Ginnie Springs12 February 201729 March 2017
Zach Rogers Ginnie Springs12 February 201729 March 2017
David Sederberg Peacock Springs11 March 201729 March 2017
Tom Lenfestey Jug Hole28 March 20176 August 2018
Cameron Wheeler Dan's Cave - Crystal Palace19 May 201714 June 2018
Chelsea Dinon Cenote Kalimba27 July 20176 August 2018
Brian Sheppard Ginnie Springs28 October 201724 July 2018
Chester J Parzych Eagles Nest4 November 20174 June 2018
Connor Watterson Ginnie Springs21 November 201717 July 2018
Jennifer Strang Eagles Nest30 December 20174 June 2018
Derek Covington Ginnie Springs3 February 201816 August 2018
Douglas Ebersole Ginnie Springs16 April 201812 August 2018
Richard Witter Peacock Springs5 May 20188 June 2018
Tatiana Sevortyan Cow Spring17 May 201819 June 2018
Christopher Vascellaro Little River19 May 201816 August 2018
Arthur William Johnson JrRamo Mezzo - Calle Gonone (Sardinia) Italy18 July 201821 August 2018


The following individuals are recipients of the Henry Nicholson award for completion of 500 safe cave dives!

RecipientLocationDive DateDate Awarded
Tamara Thomsen UnknownUnknown
Jason Erik Richards UnknownUnknown
Forrest Wilson UnknownUnknown
Gene Melton Alachua Sink1 January 19757 April 2005
Bill Oigarden Peacock Slough1 June 197812 March 2005
Stephen C. Ormeroid Chicharones Cave, Cuba1 May 20001 May 2000
David Sawatzky MD1 January 20031 January 2003
Johnny Richards 1 January 20031 January 2003
Gary Ashburn 1 January 20031 January 2003
Scott Robinson Cow Spring, Suwanee County, FL16 January 200426 February 2005
Patricia Robinson Orange Grove, Peacock Springs SP, Suwannee County, FL6 February 200426 February 2005
Jeff Hewlett Ginnie Springs, FL13 November 200419 October 2005
Ralph J DiPanfilo Ginnie Springs - Devils System11 February 200511 February 2005
Richard Courtney Peacock Springs, North Florida14 September 200514 September 2005
James Womble Peacock Springs17 August 200617 August 2006
Cedric Verdier Sra Keow, Thailand18 August 200618 August 2006
Ken Paramore Peacock Springs8 February 20088 February 2008
Gareth Sullivan Hart Springs4 August 20085 December 2008
Kenneth Graham Smith Cocklebiddy Cave12 August 200823 May 2009
Russell Edge Devil Ear Spring, High Springs, Florida1 January 200922 May 2010
Lee Ann Waggener Ginnie Springs1 January 200916 May 2015
John E. Ivanic Sac Aktun, Mexico2 February 200922 May 2010
Marvin E Perdue Devils Eye28 December 200927 August 2018
Robert G. Beckner Crystal Beach Springs8 February 201026 May 2012
James K. Clark Dan's Cave, Abaco, Bahamas16 February 201128 May 2011
Keith Gault Manatee Springs30 December 201126 May 2012
Carl B. Griffing Jr.Little River Spring4 June 201225 May 2013
Meredith Tanguay Madison Blue19 August 201216 May 2015
Anthony J Gonzales Peacock Springs23 November 2012Unknown
Guy Wallis Cow Springs27 May 201324 May 2014
Michael Stine Cow Spring5 July 201324 May 2014
Paul L. Clark Wes Skils Peacock Springs St. Park28 December 201316 May 2015
Joseph J. Koshes Jr.Little River, O'Brien, FL23 August 201416 May 2015
Harry Cardinale Hole in the Wall, Merritt Mill Pond, Marianna, FL4 September 201416 May 2015
Elisha S Gibson Jackson Blue18 October 2015Unknown
Phillip Adam Short Emergence Du Ressel, France4 November 20153 March 2017
Michael Angelo Gagliardi Ginnie Springs Devil's System21 December 2015Unknown
Derek Ferguson Goat SE Sink22 May 20164 June 2018
Bill LeVine Isla Alamo, Quintana Roo6 November 201624 January 2017
Gabriel Lamarre Devil's Ear27 December 20169 February 2017
Renee S. Power Peacock Spring, Luraville, FL6 January 201730 January 2017
Judy Ormeroid Sacbe Quebrada, Mexico20 January 201729 March 2017


The following individuals are recipients of the Sheck Exley award for completion of 1000 safe cave dives!

RecipientLocationDive DateDate Awarded
Meredith Tanguay Indian SpringsUnknownUnknown
John Zumrick Unknown27 December 1986
Bill Oigarden Apopka Blue Sink, Orange County, FL1 August 198319 March 2005
Martin Robson Peacock Springs17 December 200229 March 2017
Jeffrey Bozanic Manantial de Padre Nuestro, Dominican Republic8 December 200422 March 2005
Gene Melton 1 January 20051 January 2005
Johnny Richards Diepolder III9 March 20059 March 2005
Kelly Jessop Peacock6 August 20056 August 2005
Forrest Wilson Jackson Blue4 March 200623 May 2009
Ralph DiPanfilo Cow Springs - Upstream8 June 200614 September 2008
Dan Patterson 21 January 200721 January 2007
Richard Courtney Devil's Ear20 March 20071 June 2011
Edd Sorenson 9 May 20079 May 2007
Tamara Thomsen 27 December 200727 December 2007
Jason Erik Richards Jackson Blue Spring12 January 20081 June 2011
Jim Womble Madison Blue Springs11 May 200823 May 2009
Jim Wyatt Madison Blue Spring7 July 200825 May 2009
Nick Toussaint Valstagna, Italy1 August 200825 May 2009
Heather Armstrong Eagles Nest28 November 200816 May 2015
Argyris Argyriadis Sigi Spring - Arcadia - Greece16 April 200925 May 2009
Tom Pearcy Ginnie Springs16 June 201225 May 2013
Peter W. McCumber Jr.Diepolder Cave2 January 201325 May 2013
Brian Armstrong Indian Springs9 March 201424 May 2014
Steve Lewis Ginnie Springs, Devil's Cave27 April 201516 May 2015
Dustin Proper Gervais Cave System15 November 201529 March 2017
Bruce Proper Gervais Cave System22 October 201629 March 2017
Joel Clark Devils Eye29 August 20184 September 2018