BOD Meeting Minutes, 10/19/2016

Board meeting minutes 10-19-16

BoD Present: Joe Citelli, Sylvester Mueller, Cheryl Doran, Forrest Wilson, Al Clements, Jim Wyatt.

Members: Bob Harris (DEMA), Michael Angelo Gagliardi, Renee Powers, Adam Hughes, Eric Parks, others…?

Call to order 7:10 pm.

Chairman reported on Eagle’s Nest accident.

Discussed Accident Investigation bylaws. Adam has copies of accident files. Discussed putting them on the website, with no names. Joe appointed Adam as chair of the Accident Committee.

Treasurer reported the Midwest Workshop was successful, and made about $2400. It was organized by Josuha Shouse, and Bjorn Loftis.

Al Clements reported that the North Florida Springs Alliance was replacing steps at Martz, and we donated some lumber.

Motion by Cheryl, seconded by Forrest, to Donate $200 to NFSA for lunch if they need it. Unanimous.

Al also reported that an attorney was working on a new waiver to cover any need.

Vice Chair reported that the property near Alachua sink may be for sale, and wouldn’t be owned by the NSS-CDS.

Treasurer reported that we have a little over $62,800 in the bank, but some is already committed to things like UWS.

Jim Wyatt asked that we order some new student workbooks.

Part of that money is the Exley Fund, and Cheryl will try to find a way to put it into an account that pays more interest.

Bob Harris of DEMA told us about impending legislation to regulate diving, and cave diving training. The YMCA apparently started the legislation because of an accident 30 or so years ago. Jim Wyatt will be our contact to Bob Harris.

Training report 95 certifications last quarter.

Motion by Jim Wyatt, seconded by Forrest, to make Abe Davis 100 dives, or 100 hours. After some discussion, it was tabled by the chairman. Jim will post the motion on the closed forum.

Al reported that there were only 61 divers in Cow Springs since the May meeting. That may be due to flooding a few months ago.

The Chairman reported speaking to Clyde Hobby about writing up conservation easements for our properties. He needs our Articles of Incorporation. Cheryl will get them to him.

New Business:

Motion by Joe Citelli, seconded by Cheryl to have a winter workshop in Marianna. Unanimous.

Next Meeting will be December 7th at 7pm.

8:45pm adjourned

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