NSS CDS Board Meeting at Cave Country Dive Shop on 2-15-15

NSS CDS Board Meeting at Cave Country Dive Shop on 2-15-15

BoD members present, TJ Muller, Jim Wyatt, Joe Tegg, and Forrest Wilson

BoD members online, Joe Citelli, Cheryl Doran

Absent Nathan Spray

Members present. Tom McMillian, MichaelAngelo, and Zelda Gagliardi, Rick Robinson,

Steve Boyer, and Cathy Lesh.

Members online, Niko, and Dan Halloran

Meeting called to order by Joe Citelli at 6:09 pm

Joe Citelli made a motion to accept minutes of December 15th meeting. Seconded by TJ

Muller. TJ read in the actions between meetings. Unanimous.

Chairman’s Report

Discussed new C-card processing

Online store not making profit

Credit Card system for store not working

Considering moving storage facility, and scanning all documents.

TJ talked to the NSS about the store, and combining the NSS News and Underwater


6:24 John DeRoo joined online, and started recording the meeting.

Dan Halloran explained the objection from plaintiff to Dive One’s expert witness.

Treasurer’s report. We have $25,000, but we also have several bills yet to be paid,

including tax preparation, and UWS printing.

The Exley fund is now set up for wire transfer, most of which will go to the KUR, and

NFSA projects.

Cheryl made a motion to set aside $3000, for the computer program for C-cards, and

instructor database. J.C. seconded Unanimous

Training report handed out. Total of 134 new cards issued in several categories.

There are several new instructor candidates, which include several females.

Dan Halloran reported for the election committee, that there were four vacant seats, and

only 4 candidates, so an election wasn’t necessary.

Vice Chairman’s report

School Sink still closed to prevent more liability.

Cathedral cave closed due to deck damage (about 20% decking is rotten).

Planning cleanups for both sites.

Joe Citelli made a motion to pay expenses for TJ to attend the NSS BoG meeting.

Wyatt seconds, Unanimous, except TJ abstained.

Discussed a motion to give TJ authorization to speak on the behalf of the NSS-CDS,

tabled to vote on the BoD forum.

Workshop chair is Jarred Hires. Online registration is running, and linked through


Discussed having a rebreather workshop on Sunday after the Workshop. Several

vendors have already agreed.

Discussed having a photo contest.

Discussed Facebook pages, and Webpage.

Cheryl made a motion to waive Business Affiliate fees for Dive Outpost

Joe Citelli seconded, Unanimous.

Motion by Forrest to allow KECP to use the NSS-CDS name to aid in getting access to

underwater caves on Mallorca. Seconded by Jim Wyatt Unanimous.

Discussed possible NSS-CDS involvement in Cuban cave tourism.

Cheryl asked for access to BoD FTP site. Tabled until a secure system is developed.

MichaelAngelo discussed the Whalebone restoration at Devil’s Eye. Stated he needs

more divers. TJ offered to help.

Motion to adjourn by Forrest, seconded by several. Unanimous

Adjourned at 8:00pm.

Actions between 11-30-14, and 2-15-15 meetings:

Donated $1000 to NFSA 12-22-14


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