Minutes 11-30-14 Meeting

Minutes 11-30-14 held online.

Call to order 6:17pm

BoD members present Joe Citelli, TJ Muller, Cheryl Doran, Forrest Wilson, Jim Wyatt, Nathan Spray.

Members attending, John DeRoo, and Dan Halloran.

Secretary’s report: May 2014 minutes were approved online October 7, 2014.

Vice Chair report: Workshop chair is Jerrod Hires, location same as last year, Lake City National Guard

Armory. Jerrod needs speaker suggestions.

Training report: Instructor renewal went out 2 weeks ago. Training is picking up. Four new instructor

interns. Two new cavern instructors.

Treasurer’s report: We have $44,898.63 in the bank. $16,201 of that is the Sheck Exley fund. There is

only one copy of Quick Books, so we need a better method of reconciliation. Cheryl submitted a budget

proposal, and emailed it to the BoD. We discussed having the NSS take over the online store. TJ will

contact them about it. We should leave instructor materials separate. Postage keeps going up. There are

discrepancies in the store inventory. The Midwest Workshop netted $1625.

Chairman’s report: The lawsuit goes to trial in May. Our most recent legal bill was $3000. The plaintiff

asked for all issues of UWS. Conservation easements are not easy. We need someone to hold them.

Discussed insurance settlements, court costs, waivers, and guides.

TJ requested permission to photograph warning sign in School Sink.

Discussed using the Exley fund for current exploration, and will send application procedure to teams like


TJ requested the BoD “talk up” the workshop. He also said we need new Business Affiliates,

membership, sponsors, manufacturers, door prizes, etc.

Forrest said Steve Boyer asked for permission to build a changing room at Cow. Jim Wyatt said that was

already approved.

We discussed membership projects, like mapping Little River, clean-ups, socials, and need for a

volunteer coordinator.

Date set for next meeting 12-15-14 at 7pm.

Joe made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Forrest.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.


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