2018 BOD Election Update

The time period for nomination and platform statements has elapsed. The only two nominations that were received with platform statements, indicating a desire to run, is Jason Black and Forrest Wilson. This leaves one board seat that is not filled, and the CDS will have to decide how to fill that vacated seat in May. A side note, we received quite a few nominations, enough to have an election,but we had quite a few people withdraw or not submit platform statements. I want to express my thanks to Roderick O'Conner and Frank McNamara for their help in this process, and hope the board gives their volunteerism to the CDS recognition. I will let the CDS board complete this process by announcing who will be on the board next year, and there won't be an election, since that point will come up, plus I ask that you remove me as a Facebook moderator. Thanks again for allowing me to assist with your election.

Kelly Jessop #40001FE

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