NSS-CDS Cave Dive Supervisors

All NSS-CDS instructors are of course qualified as cave diver supervisors. As others go through the mentor qualification program we will be adding names to this list.

If you are searching for a mentor/cave diver supervisor please reference the instructor list until we have this list populated.

Questions about this program should be directed to: TrainingDirector@nsscds.org

This list represents cave divers who have completed the training program for cave diver supervisor at the level indicated.  This list does not guarantee that those individuals are current with their professional liability insurance or their professional ratings.

Users can contact the training director to enquire if the individual supervisor has maintained their current and up to date status.

This list only guarantees that the individual listed has been trained to the level indicated.


Qualified Supervisors and contact information is shown below


Joe Citelli
Cave, Deep Cave, DPV, CCR Cave

Kelly Jessop
Cave, Deep Cave, DPV, sidemount


Tom McMillan
Cave, DPV


Tara Rodgers
Basic cave, sidemount


James Draker
Cave, Deep Cave, DPV, Sidemount


Marius Clore
Cave, DPV, Sidemount

Meredith Tanquay
Cave, DPV, stage, sidemount


Olivier Prats
Cave, Survey