NSS-CDS C Card Replacement

C-Card Replacement Policy

Because no amount of open-water scuba diving experience can prepare divers for the hazards they will encounter inside a phreatic cave, the NSS-CDS will only issue replacement certification cards if an individual can properly verify they have completed NSS-CDS training. The NSS-CDS will accept any one of the following items as verification of completion of training:

  1. The individual is listed within the NSS-CDS training database as having completed training. Unfortunately, due to a natural disaster, the NSS-CDS training database only extends back to 2003.
  2. The individual can present a copy of their original certification card or a copy of their original temporary card.
  3. The individual can produce a letter from their original NSS-CDS instructor stating that they completed training, and the approximate dates and location of the training.

The NSS-CDS recommends that any individual seeking a replacement certification card that is unable to meet one of the verification criteria outlined above, consider signing up for a refresher course with a current active NSS-CDS instructor.

C-Card Replacement Process

A replacement NSS-CDS C-Card is $25. Any individual requesting a C-Card replacement should forward their documents to the NSS-CDS Business Manager by sending them via email to cdsmanager@nsscds.org. Once the Business Manager approves the request, they will direct the individual to purchase the replacement C-Card from the NSS-CDS Online Store.