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BOD Meeting Minutes, 2/1/2018

BOD Meeting February 1, 2018 BOD Present: Cheryl Doran, T.J. Mueller, Ken Sallot, Forrest Wilson, Bob Shulte, Al Clements, Jon Bernot Members present: Joe Citelli Called to order 7:06 pm Motion to approve minutes from October meeting by Al, seconded by Cheryl/ Unanimous. Treasurer’s report: Report for period 10/31/17 to 1/30/18. Balance as of 1/30/18: $86k general, $14k Exley fund. Continue Reading

BOD Meeting Minutes, 10/25/2017

Board of Directors Meeting 10-25-17 BoD members present: Cheryl Doran, T.J. Muller, Forrest Wilson, Ken Sallot, Al Clements, Bob Schulte, Jon Bernot Members Present: Brett Floren, Edd Sorenson, Peter Friedman, Reggie Ross, Renee Powers. Called to order 7:05pm Secretary Report: Motion to accept minutes by Ken Sallot, seconded by Bob Schulte. Six in favor, Al Clements abstained. Chairs report: Long Continue Reading

BOD Meeting Minutes, 6/27/2017

BoD Meeting Minutes June 27, 2017 Cheryl Doran called to order at 6:31pm BoD members present: Cheryl Doran, Ken Sallot, Forrest Wilson, Jon Bernot, Al Clements, Bob Schulte. Members present: Michael Angelo Motion by Cheryl Doran to accept 12-7-16 minutes, seconded by Bob Schulte. Unanimous. Motion by Ken Sallot to accept 6-3-17 minutes, seconded by Al Clements, unanimous.

BOD Meeting Minutes, 6/3/2017

Joe Citelli called to order at 5:20pm BoD members present: Joe Citelli, Cheryl Doran, Ken Sallot, T.J. Muller, Forrest Wilson, Jon Bernot. Members on the phone, Al Clements, Bob Schulte. Members present: Steve and Michelle Foreman, Jon Lillistolen, Michael Angelo and a couple others Chairman’s Report: Joe reported on the Cow Springs project to protect the NSS-CDS from another lawsuit. Continue Reading

BOD Meeting Minutes, 12/7/2016

BoD Present: Joe Citelli, Sylvester Mueller, Cheryl Doran, Forrest Wilson, Al Clements, Ken Sallot, Jim Wyatt. Members: Michael Angelo Gagliardi Before meeting Jim and Cheryl discussed workbook, and IANTD manual. Call to order at 7:20, by TJ Motion to approve minutes of 10-19 meeting, seconded by Al. Unanimous Al reported that DEMA was successful. Jim discussed goldline donation for the Continue Reading

BOD Meeting Minutes, 10/19/2016

Board meeting minutes 10-19-16 BoD Present: Joe Citelli, Sylvester Mueller, Cheryl Doran, Forrest Wilson, Al Clements, Jim Wyatt. Members: Bob Harris (DEMA), Michael Angelo Gagliardi, Renee Powers, Adam Hughes, Eric Parks, others…? Call to order 7:10 pm. Chairman reported on Eagle’s Nest accident. Discussed Accident Investigation bylaws. Adam has copies of accident files. Discussed putting them on the website, with Continue Reading


Minutes 11-17-15 held online. Call to order 7:00pm BoD members present Joe Citelli, TJ Muller, Cheryl Doran, Forrest Wilson, Al Clements, Joe Tegg, Jim Wyatt. Members attending, Rene Powers, Tara Rogers, John Lilistolen, Eric Parks, Adam Huges, Conrad Piefer, Tom McMillian, Michael Angelo Gaglardi, Michael Flynn, Kelly Jessop, Christopher Bossett, Motion to approve minutes from August, 5, 2015, by Joe Continue Reading

August 2015 Minutes

NSS‐CDS BoD Meeting Minutes 8‐5‐15 BoD present: Forrest Wilson, TJ Muller, Jim Wyatt Cheryl Doran, Joe Tegg, Joe Citelli. Members: Present: Alan Hughes, Michael Derrick, Michael Angelo Gagliardi, Renee Powers, Kevin Blackwall, Al Clements 7:20 TJ started with the William Presley Act. An OW diver died in a cave. The act would require divers to have color coded bands on Continue Reading