Ricardo Castillo

Instructor Data

Instructor Number:386
Instructor Level:Cave
Location:Mexico City, Mexico
Courses Offered:Cave
Additional Info:

Ricardo Castillo was born in Mexico City in December 1975. He discovered his passion for the sea at an early age on a visit to a southern coast of the country. He remembers that when he set his eyes on the immensity of the blue he knew then that his fate would be to face the ocean, explore it and live it.

Now he dedicates his life to share his knowledge, experience and passion through formal underwater instruction, seeking to multiply spread the love to the oceans, underground rivers, lakes and any space where water accumulation recreate the feeling of floating. Diving in all its variables is the hallmark of his professional experience.

With his camera, his constant companion in all his visits to formidable destinations, he recreates each finding, feeling and perception of the imagined in a constant invitation to share his pathways and routes.

Transcending the limits of the already known, exploring the depths of caves and connecting with other realities that secretly expand earth knowingly, are part of the records that his camera testifies.

Diving Instructor since 2007 with specialties in: Deep Diving, Decompression, Nitrox, Trimix, Rebreathers, Cave Diving, Sidemount, Full Face Mask, Ice, Underwater Photography and Video.

Contributions for the Journal of the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society:
Article and photos. Volume 40 No. 3
Cover photo, article and photos. Volume 40 No. 4
Cover photo, article and photos. Volume 41 No. 2
Cover photo, article and photos. Volume 41 No. 4

2014 Tek Dive USA conference, Miami, Fl. Photo Contest
2nd. Photo “Hell Bells”
3rd. Photo “Light Kukulcan”

2014 Robb Report Mexico
Article “Immersion in time”
Underwater photo for: Rolex, IWC, Hublot, Panerai, Cartier, Omega.

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Photo Collaborations
Bournemouth News & Picture Service Ltd, UK
HOERZU Magazine, Germany
Conservation International, USA

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