2017 Conference Speaker: Lamar English!

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    We are please to announce that Lamar English will be presenting at the 2017 International Cave Diving Conference! Lamar has been cave diving for over 39 years, participating in the original exploration of many systems known today. Read about the original exploration of Lineater Cave in UWS Volume 9, No 6 page 67 (page 6 of the pdf).

    Lamar was one of the pioneers of tri-mix, but is probably best known for engineering dive lights that withstand extreme pressures. Sheck Exley had this to say about Lamar’s lights in his book, Caverns Measureless to Man:
    "Meanwhile, Lamar at English Engineering was hard at work designing a primary light to work at the unheard of depths of 800 feet and below. I had carried his lights on all my Mante dives and had experienced absolutely no problems with the light heads, generally considered to be the most delicate part of a lighting system. To place this remarkable achieve ment in proper perspective, one must realize that the finest primary light heads available in dive shops generally implode from pressuresomewhere between 230feet and 300feet. The few problems that we had encountered were occasional battery pack flooding, which resulted in a minor loss of buoyancy. But the light always kept burning!"
    -Caverns Measureless to Man, Sheck Exley, Page 268​

    Can’t wait to hear from you, Lamar!
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    Lamar was part of the exploration team with Parker Turner, Bill Gavin and Bill Main that connected Sullivan Sink to Cheryl Sink in 1988- a world record traverse at the time.

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