2017 Conference Speaker: Hal Watts!

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    Really exciting that Hal Watts will be one of the speakers at the 2017 International Cave Diving Conference. Hal is one of the true pioneers in cave diving (and diving in general!). His accomplishments are many, but include:
    • The octopus regulator (Sheck was inspired to dive one after seeing Hal with his. Read about it in Sheck's Accidents and Incidents article in UWS volume 8, No. 5)
    • Held the deep air record for many years
    • Coined the phrase "Plan your dive, dive your plan"

    As Sheck said himself...
    Hal was a genuine hero engaged in pushing back frontiers in the sea, rather than the relatively senseless pursuits of organized professional sports, or worse, the imitation heroics of actors like our beloved "Mike Nelson" on the popular Sea Hunt television series. More than that, Hal was one of us — a Florida cave diver—which seemed to confirm what more and more people were saying: cave divers were simply the world's best divers, period.
    -Sheck Exley, Caverns Measureless to Man, page 69​

    Come hear from him in person at next year's conference!
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    BTW- Hal also comes with a sense of humor...

    Remind you of anyone?

    Hal with '17 Conference Chairman Al Clements:
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    Hal is "The Most Interesting Person in The World" Wait until you meet him. He is a ball of fun and full of passion for the sport. A walking cave dive history book.

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